Yey: Preseason Preview Featuring Hawks Talon GC

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Yey: Preseason Preview Featuring Hawks Talon GC

Bringing you a new content series called the ‘Preseason Preview’, hosted by YeyNotGaming. I’ll pick a few NBA 2K League teams and go over my thoughts on their key moves during the off-season, including draft selections and roster changes, while also providing some predictions. Everything is based on their pre-season acquisitions and off-season decisions overall.

This post will be about Hawks Talon GC, who returns three players in BP, Kel, and Lee. Prior to last season, Hawks Talon GC gave up a valuable haul that featured DayBoyShotz and the third-overall pick (Crushy) to acquire their star point guard, BP, from Kings Guard Gaming. Just a single season later, Atlanta used a lottery selection on another lead ball-handler. More in the video below:

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