Yey: Pacers Gaming Preseason Preview

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Yey: Pacers Gaming Preseason Preview

Bringing you a new content series called the ‘Preseason Preview’, hosted by YeyNotGaming. I’ll pick a few NBA 2K League teams and go over my thoughts on their key moves during the off-season, including draft selections and roster changes, while also providing some predictions. Everything is based on their pre-season acquisitions and off-season decisions overall. 

Next Up: Pacers Gaming

Season Three Record: 4-12

Retained Players (season three stats)

Jomar: 12.5ppg-8rpg-4.1 apg

Wolf: 10.8ppg-6.3 rpg

Swizurk: 17.2ppg-2.6apg

Bringing back three 4 year veterans, Pacers Gaming will look to recover from last season’s struggles and turn around the status of the franchise heading into season four.

Draft Class

2nd: 630 

26th: LavishPhenom

40th: Randolph

Draft Grade: A


  • Will 630 break the Pacers Gaming point guard curse?
  • How will Jomar perform at center against big matchups?
  • Will the addition of Lavish and Randolph be enough to propel the Pacers to the playoffs?

Record Prediction: 9-7

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