WR MSI Finals Review

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WR MSI Finals Review

We had a pair of WR MSI Finals recently. Realo State University and No Tolerance went head-to-head on Xbox, while Next Level took on Reloaded in the PS4 Finals. 

Realo State U vs. No Tolerance

Player Statistics (3 games)

Realo State U

Mama: 35 points, 19 assists

Doza: 27 points, 4 steals

Charger: 14 points, 2 steals

Ria: 15 points, 10 rebounds

Ramo: 51 points, 24 rebounds

No Tolerance 

Deron: 61 points, 20 assists

Zay: 21 points, 4 steals

Fakiee: 31 points, 8 steals

Gunz: 20 points, 11 rebounds

Drake: 27 points. 23 rebounds

Game One: 

Realo State University def. No Tolerance, 60-57 

Realo State came out firing behind 14 first-half points from Ramo, taking a nine-point lead into halftime. The lead ballooned to 20 during the third quarter, and this one seemed all but over, but No Tolerance wouldn’t go down without a fight. RSU watched their lead disappear in the blink of an eye thanks to a 17-4 No Tolerance fourth quarter run,  and before we knew it, we had a one possession game with just 30 seconds remaining. Deron had a quality look at a transition three but couldn’t get it to fall. RSU survives, barely. 


Game Two: 

No Tolerance def. Realo State University, 58-39

Game two was basically a continuation of game one’s fourth quarter. No Tolerance allowed just four points during the first four minutes, jumping out to a 14-2 lead early. At one point, the team had a trio of lockdown/rim badges shining bright, and the lead kept growing, reaching as high as 20-points during the first half. No Tolerance was playing so well, their point guard didn’t have to take a single shot during the first half. Rather, he had 9 assists by half, enjoying an 18-point lead built through tough defense and transition looks, the ultimate recipe for success in NBA2K. During the second half, RSU managed to cut the lead down to 12, but the damage was done, and an elimination game three was up next.

No Tolerance punched RSU in the mouth early. The first quarter run that set the tone:

Game Three

No Tolerance def. Realo State University, 45-43

We had a low-scoring affair on our hands for game three. Neither team managed to create a ton of separation or run away with a lead, setting the table for a hell of a fourth quarter. With just four minutes remaining, RSU had their largest lead in hand, 9 points, seemingly poised to close this one out. No Tolerance was No Stranger to making comebacks during this series, nearly stealing game one, and erasing a double-digit game two deficit. 

Deron popped his sharpshooter badge with 2:30 left and the rest is history at this point. No Tolerance’s point guard scored 9 points in the final few minutes, going 3-for-4 from range, including the shot that won it all.


Series MVP

No Tolerance PG, Deron

Deron averaged 20 points and 7 dimes per game, while shooting 16-for-26 from three-point range. No Tolerance’s point guard can score. Period. And he’s looking to burn you from deep almost every possession. One defensive lapse and the next thing you know he’s greening from the hash. Deron showed off his shooting ability all series, hitting difficult shots in clutch moments, allowing his team to rally from behind to win. 


Next Level vs. Reloaded

Player Statistics (2 games)

Next Level

Dre: 27 points, 28 assists

CaliRaq: 20 points, 7 assists

WhatIsStick: 7 points, 8 steals

CB: 14 points, 11 rebounds

DjMoney: 58 points, 13 rebounds


Seem: 20 points, 20 assists

Simptoms: 37 points, 3 assists

Law: 16 points, 2 steals

WoahTim: 13 points, 2 steals

BlackSanta: 18 points, 16 rebounds

Game One

Next Level def. Reloaded, 54-37

By the end of the first, Next Level already had a comfortable 11-point lead in hand. While Reloaded’s offense came out stagnant, it was quite the opposite for Next Level, who saw all five starters record a bucket during the first quarter. An early second half run, fueled by a trio of Dre three-balls, put Next Level ahead by 16 points early in the third quarter. Reloaded’s offense never quite found their footing and the defense couldn’t contain the Dre-DjMoney pick-and-roll consistently. Dominant game one win for Next Level. 


Game Two

Next Level def. Reloaded, 72-67

After a rough game one, Reloaded got out to a hot start in the second contest. This time around, they were the ones building an early double-digit lead. Their backcourt was getting everything they wanted, combining for 30 points, 7 assists, and 7-for-7 shooting from range by halftime.  Despite that, Reloaded found themselves ahead by just six points. Dre and DJ dominated the last few quarters. The latter scored 22 points in the second half alone, while recording his team’s last 8 points in the final two minutes to seal the win. 


Series MVP

Dre x DjMoney

Next Level executed their pick-and-roll at a high level for the entirety of the series. The slip was there nearly every time and Dre had no problem giving up the ball so his center could score an easy two. If Dre wasn’t finding his big man on the roll, he was dotting an over-helping corner defender, or sinking a shot of his own. His big man made it easy for him, scoring nearly 60 points over the course of just two games, including a dominant 38-point performance in a closeout game two. If you match up with Next Level anytime soon, make sure your pick-and-roll defense is ready, because if it isn’t, these two have proven they’ll pick it apart. 

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