WR Last Shot Tournament: SSWI vs. Bird Brains Review

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WR Last Shot Tournament: SSWI vs. Bird Brains Review


PG: Fanta


SF: Awkward 

PF: Mac

C: AGoodLock

Bird Brains

PG: CB13

SG: Reizey 

SF: Randomz

PF: Steez

C: Walnut

Game One: SSWI defeats Bird Brains, 68-50

Game Two: SSWI defeats Bird Brains, 69-61

Keys to the Game

  • Fanta was consistent from start to finish in this series. He found consistent looks from three-point range and slowed down the game in the half court tremendously, which ultimately was an advantage for SSWI. Fanta was also able to limit his turnovers, and overall did a great job controlling the game.  
  • CB13 had an off series across the board as he struggled to get into a rhythm. He frequently turned the ball over, leading to transition opportunities for DJ and Awkward. 
  • Reizey was able to find consistency from three-point range but Bird Brains simply didn’t have enough firepower to keep up with SSWI’s offense.
  • Awkward was able to pick up 6 steals in game two, and he did a great job converting those turnovers into fast break points 

Matchup MVP: Fanta (20.5ppg-7.5apg)

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