Wizards District Gaming’s Blueprint Part Two

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Game Two, Quarter One

Everything about this sequence was ugly and Washington still ended up with a perfect shot. Turning these scramble moments into points, three in this case, is winning 2K:

This was the final bucket of game one’s first quarter. Two things to note: JBM on a cold bar early (re-occurring theme), the Toronto defense forced him to lose the ball or flat out turn it over plenty of times at this point. Second: another green from ReeseDaGod, who finished the game with 18 points (3-for-4 from 3PT).

Just a quick summary of how both defenses were playing. One, Reese makes a great defensive play in transition after SickOne throws the breakstarter. And two, I don’t hate the looks for either point guard at the end, nothing really fell for either team during the entirety of the first frame.

By the end of the first quarter, Raptors Uprising GC had just 6 points, all of which were green KennyGotWork midrange attempts.

Quick Second Quarter

Legit killed them during the second quarter, grabbing a pair of offensive rebounds and scoring seven points. Washington scored just nine. These pretty much all happened back-to-back-to-back:

Toronto had their way during the mid-quarters, building a lead through the usual way: forcing turnovers that led to easy opportunities in the fastbreak.

With no hope left, backs against the wall, down 15 points, Washington played some of the best basketball we’ve seen them play all season.

Fourth Quarter Run

Right before this, TimelyCook reaches and fouls consecutive times, giving him fouls No. 4 and 5. JBM immediately gets to his spot in the post and hits the fade.

Awkward with a huge momentum-booster. He was huge for this team down the stretch, and this sequence may have been the official ‘spark’ to WDG’s comeback bid.

Awkward again. JBM does a good job helping there when he can too, mostly because Toronto’s spacing was just a bit off that possession. Have to take advantage of those little things.

Tough 30 seconds here that put Washington back at bay. The Kenny dot to the corner looks really familiar to a situation that happened against Kings Guard Gaming ironically. WDG’s troubles multiply, another turnover, easy transition bucket.

Awkward again. He sticks with Kenny the entire way, contests the shot, then displays patience and vision on the fastbreak. Awkward really played a hell of a fourth quarter during this one.

JBM does a great job getting the right shot here. He uses the Dayfri screen perfectly, crabs his defender, and… straight arm animation.

Kenny drains the clock, misses the leaner, but SickOne’s offensive rebound ends up being the final nail in the coffin anyways.

Look, I’m not saying Wizards District Gaming is going to come into the semifinals and sweep Toronto. In fact, it may be the opposite, just as their most recent series was. And truthfully, if I was forced to bet on this game, my money would feel safer on Raptors Uprising GC.

What I’m saying is: we shouldn’t overlook Washington. This isn’t your normal ‘underdog’ group and they’ve proved they can run with the best of them. Whatever the result may end up being, we’re in for a ‘goodie’ as viewers.

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