Weekly Rundown Volume #2

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Attempting to sum up a week in the NBA 2K competitive community through tweets, videos, and words

Welcome to the Weekly Rundown. The post will consist of my favorite highlights, matchups, tweets, content, etc. from around the competitive NBA 2K community. This week we had plenty of wagers, the ADBA MSI Finals, and I published a few things:


A few key matchups per week + various collected clips

Fanta vs. MJB Wager

We got out to a hot start in pro-am this week before league night took over. A few tweets ended up in a best-of-three series between 2021 NBA 2K League prospect Fanta, and future NBA 2K League prospect MJB. Team Fanta took the series 2-0, along with the $1,000 pot, and all bragging rights on Twitter afterwards (which matters in this community). Below are highlights and statistics from the pair of games:

Game One (54-46)

Fanta (15pts-7asts-2stls), Stylez (8pts-3rebs-3blks), Malik (15pts-3asts-stl), Zar (9pts-6rebs), GloTheReal (7pts-8rebs-4asts-2stls)

MJB (18pts-7asts-2stls), Gunz (2pts-2stls), Chess (12pts-5rebs-6asts), BxmpyDon (8pts-2rebs), TopTierCrown (6pts-8rebs-2asts)

Game Two (65-54)

Fanta (28pts-8asts), Stylez (6pts-blk), Malik (20pts-2asts-2stls), Zar (3pts-2asts-3stls), GloTheReal (8pts-3rebs-ast)

MJB (19pts-7asts), Gunz (2asts-2stls), Chess (10pts-4asts), BxmpyDon (8pts-3rebs-stl), TopTierCrown (17pts-5rebs-3asts)

No Tolerance vs. Tunnel Vision Wager

In between league nights we got another wager, this time featuring a pair of top 2021 NBA 2K League point guard prospects. In addition to Deron and Ant, this matchup included 7 other draft-eligible players: Gunz, Myles, Drakez, Fakiee, BRich, EG4Hunnid, and Legit.

Game One (67-55)

Deron (40pts-7asts-3stls), Gunz (11pts2asts-3stls), Myles (5pts-reb-ast), Drakez (6pts-8rebs-stl), Fakiee (5pts-4rebs-blk)

AntSZN (18pts-6asts), BRich (7pts-ast-stl), EG4Hunnid (12pts-4asts), iOnThePrize (3pts-5rebs-stl), Legit (15pts-2asts-stl)

Game Two (6555)

Deron (28pts-6asts-3stls), Gunz (7pts-ast-stl), Myles (19pts5rebs-3asts-2stls), Drakez (11pts-10rebs-5asts), Fakiee (9rebs-5asts-stl-blk)

AntSZN (30pts-4asts-stl), BRich (9pts-2stls-2blks), EG4Hunnid (10pts-reb-ast), iOnThePrize (2pts-reb-blk), Legit (4pts-8rebs-6asts-blk-stl)

HG def. Bright Lights

HG and Bright Lights squared off in the ADBA MSI Finals. After a convincing game one victory, HG survived a Bright Lights comeback attempt late in game two, completing the 2-0 sweep.

Game One (63-53)

Bam (21pts-8asts-stl), Seem (20pts-4asts-5stls), UnderratedGoat (3pts-4rebs-stl-blk), About TG (8pts-reb-2asts-stl), WorthingColt (11pts-3asts-4stls)

Vandi (26pts-6asts), ShawnWin (5pts-reb-ast-stl), EliteSteals (3pts-reb-stl), Merc (9pts-8rebs-2asts), AuthenticAfrican (10pts-6rebs-3asts-blk)

Game Two (62-61)

Bam (9pts-9asts), Seem (19pts-5asts), UnderratedGoat (8pts-3asts-stl), About TG (6pts-3rebs-2blks), WorthingColt (20pts-4rebs-stl-4blks)

Vandi (18pts-11asts), ShawnWin (11pts-ast-stl), EliteSteals (8pts-ast), Merc (8pts-rebs-stl), AuthenticAfrican (16pts-9rebs-2stls)

Top Clips (no order)

  • AWalkingBucket Limitless Blinders (0:00s-0:15s)
  • Deron Green Fade (0:15s-0:22s)
  • Malik Limitless Blinders in 4Q (0:22s-0:30s)
  • Arooks Game Winner vs. TV Wager (0:30s-0:40s)
  • Mootyy Snatch Block from Corner (0:40s-0:45s)
  • Merc ‘Drop Em’ Green 3 For Game (0:46s-1:11)
  • WorthingColt Drive and Poster (1:11-1:18)
  • WorthingColt Three to Ice Game (1:18-1:26)
  • Duck Game-Winner at The Y (1:18-1:44)

Top Tweets

***favorite tweets and content from throughout the week***


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