Weekly Rundown: Volume #1

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Attempting to sum up a week in the NBA 2K competitive scene through tweets, videos, and a few words.

Welcome to the Weekly Rundown. The post will consist of my favorite highlights, matchups, tweets, content, etc. from around the competitive NBA 2K community. This week might be a bit short, in large part because of the holidays and the fact that ‘League Night’ has taken over pro-am. Regardless, let’s get into volume #1.


***1-2 key matchups per week + various collected Twitter clips***

FT vs. Reizey Midnight Matchup

All Twitter could talk about on Tuesday was the FT vs. Reizey duel. In game one of a Ballistic vs. Show No Mercy series, FT (51pts-7asts) and Reizey (41pts-13asts) both posted insane numbers in a high-scoring battle to the last possession. Show No Mercy ultimately took game one (and the series), but the gameplay doesn’t disappoint. Highlights available below:

Twitter Clips (unranked)

  • xoLebron Steal and Score (0s-14.5s)
  • Unit Greens 100% Smothered Tough Three (14.5s-31.6s)
  • Plondo Pulls Up in Transition (31.6s-41.2s)
  • FTW Greens Leaning Three to Ice Game (41.2s-53.3s)
  • oFab ‘Zombie’ Ankle Breakers and Score (53.3s-1:00m)
  • Symelo Game-Winning Leaner (1:00m-1:16m)

Top Tweets

***favorite tweets and content from throughout the week***


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Weekly Rundown Volume #1

Next Week

(1) Heat Check Gaming Draft Day Blueprint

(2) Project with WR Pro-Am League

(3) Next-Gen NBA 2K League Team Tournaments begin

(4) Weekly Rundown Volume #2

(5) We’ll see

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