UPA World Championship: Round One Breakdown (PS5)

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Juice2K: UPA World Championship: Round One Breakdown & Predictions

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s here. Round One of the Unified Pro-Am Association World Championship is tomorrow. As always, I am Juice and/or Nate, and I’ll be breaking down each of the first-round matchups on the PS5 side. For more UPA content this weekend make sure to follow me on Twitter @xJuice2K. Safe travels to everyone headed out!

PLAY IN: 10k Gaming vs. No Limit 2K10 AM

Icygrl and 10K will be facing off with QueGoated and No Limit. The winner of this series will advance and play GNA, the number one seed. For 10K the key will be to play as five, play a complete 4 quarters, keep composure, and battle every minute they have a chance. No Limit stacks up better on paper, having more talent at positions 1-5. Look for them to get Que started early and to never let off the Gas.

King Nemoo’s mindset going into Dallas: “Honestly I just wanna go out there and help my team win and prove that I belong. I know there has always been doubts about me being a good player and I want to show everyone that I can play at a high level.”

My prediction: No Limit 2-0

GNA (1) vs. NoLimit/10KGaming (32) 

Whether it is No Limit or 10K, I don’t see GNA losing a quarter in this series. From Claude to Glizz to Merc to DJ to Fifty, the star power is here. This five is the equivalent to Thanos’ infinity stones, and GNA is getting ready to snap their fingers. Look for GNA to get out early and have some fun in the opening rounds.

Glizzy on if any team has caught his eyes: “Nah not really, we should sweep our side and take this thing home.”

My prediction: GNA 2-0

Flatson 5 (16) vs. Total Khaos (17) – 12 PM

Delu and Flatson will be taking on Pringleman and TK in round one. Flatson is known for having a well-established defense: communication, rotation, and trusting one another. The key for them will be not only stopping BH but also containing Pringleman, one of the most underrated hashes on the post-draft scene. TK comes in with a big lineup featuring former 2KL champion BrazyBoi, and two power forwards (Storm and OTP). The key for these guys is going to be controlling the boards and protecting the paint. If they can do these things, and green out of the corner, the execution will come down to BH and Pringle. 

As I type this I was sent insider information from the Flatson 5 house: “We saw these guys a couple of nights ago and it didn’t turn out well for them. We are feeling pretty confident. We came here to flood everyone.”

Speaking with BHxWork on the connection between him and Pringleman: “Pringle makes the game so much easier for me because of his deadly catch-and-shoot and scoring ability. It is very hard to find a shooting guard like him. Most of those guys are already in the league and he is honestly the best SG I have ever played with hands down. A true dog.”

My prediction: Flatson 5 2-1

Why Not Us (9) vs. BIS (24) – 10 AM

Kenny and WNU take on Mirabal, Youngstar, and BIS in round one. WNU is a “top-tier” team within the community and is looking to make a splash in Dallas. BIS’ key to success will be containing the pick-and-roll of Kenny and Vergil for all four quarters. I expect the backcourt of BIS to have a lot of success in this series. Between the FIBA Open MVP and the self-proclaimed “best hash in post-draft”, the offense shouldn’t be an issue. 

My prediction:  WNU 2-1

Midnight Madness (8) vs. Throwdown (25) – 10 AM

Prod and MM will be taking on Mootyy and TD in round one. MM’s key in this series is getting offensive production from Hite. I am looking forward to seeing the Hite versus Mootyy matchup in this series. TD will rely on the offensive production of Chuck and spot-up shooting of Dev and Moot to push them past MM. If MM can rotate behind Hitman and stop this five-out, they will be sitting pretty in round two.

My prediction: MM 2-0

Liquid Underground (4) vs. Do It On Sight (29) – 10 AM

Haad and LU will be seeing Gallo and Do It On Sight in round one. Gallinari and company will be looking to shock some folks coming in as the underdogs. My “key matchup” for this series will be WalkBackGreen versus Willosauce in the paint, a true battle of the big men. Look for LogicStark to have a big impact playing hash-lock for LU. 

My prediction: LU 2-0

Out The Mud (13) vs. Legacy (20) – 10 AM

FlyBoyRow and the crew will be looking to take on Capo and Legacy. OutTheMud features a great power forward tandem in Boofiq and Reflec and they will be swinging and greening, I promise you that. Legacy features PG Nawf Capo and hash-lock Sensei. These two will have to produce big time to secure the W’s for Legacy. Key Matchup: Shaunio vs Nawf Capo.

My prediction: OutTheMud 2-0

Fire Sticks Gaming (12) vs. New Lane (21) – 12 PM

Selly Beal and FSG will be taking on DC3 and New Lane in the first round. FSG has already killed the content game, but will be looking to take it to the next level on the court. The name of the game for FSG is buckets. They have a great scorer in Jyden, and someone who looks to facilitate in Seldum. New Lane will be looking to have RetroRell step up in a big way offensively to relieve some pressure off of DC3. 

My prediction: FSG 2-0

Misunderstood (5) vs. BeardGang (28) – 12 PM

6mello and Misunderstood will face Eyezo and BeardGang. My “sources” tell me misunderstood will not be playing on Saturday, a much needed break for Beardgang. If this isn’t true we will see Mello and Jysoh dominate the backcourt, and try not to shoot too many “Jysoh’s”. Regardless, the winner of this series will face a talented team in either FSG or New Lane.

My prediction: BeardGang FF

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