Unified Pro-Am $10,000 3v3 Tournament: Liquid Pro-Am vs. ENG Review

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Unified Pro-Am $10,000 3v3 Tournament: Liquid Pro-Am vs ENG Review

Liquid Pro-Am








Game One: Liquid defeats ENG, 21-17 

Game Two: Liquid defeats ENG, 23-20

Keys to the Game

  • Seldum was fairly consistent from start to finish in this series, being able to work from three-point range and occasionally getting out on the break for threes in transition.
  • Spam was also fairly consistent from three-point range throughout the series, but Liquid made a few plays down the stretch and forced turnovers to close out the series.

Key Plays

  • At the end of game two Seldum passed the ball from right corner to the left wing on a pop to Ploe, who greened the shot allowing Liquid to win the series. 
  • With ENG down 20-17 in game two, Spam passed the ball to Igymo on the slip but he decided not to take the two. Instead, he missed a few key wide-open shots down the stretch, but he was able to find imforeigndee wide-open in the corner for three.

Matchup MVP: Seldum (13.5ppg)

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