Trenton Reed: Q&A With Liquid Pro-Am’s Melder

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Trenton Reed: Q&A With Liquid Pro-Am's Melder

For those of you that don’t know me, my name is Trenton Reed, I’m from Montana, and I’m also a team writer for Liquid Pro-Am. In today’s post, I got to chat with Melder, who plays power forward for Liquid Pro-Am on the PS5 side. Below, we talked about how Melder got into playing competitive pro-am, his hobbies outside of NBA 2K, and much more. I appreciate everyone who takes the time out of your day to read this article and thank you very much for reading.

Q: Which was the first 2K that you played competitively and who did you play with?

A: “I played NBA 2K17 with Duck — we used to be park sweats. But in 2K18, Duck and I got into playing pro-am. 2K20 is when I started getting more known around the community.”

Q: How did you come up with the PSN Melder?

A: “My PSN used to be Mxlone named after my favorite player back then — Karl Malone. But I changed it to my last name which is Melder and got a name for myself, so I’m sticking with it.”

Q: What are some hobbies that you have outside of NBA 2K?

A: “Mainly just work. I enjoy working and work 2 jobs as of right now. One at Walmart and the other with the Canadian Armed Forces, as a soldier. Other than working, I enjoy working out at the gym and playing football.”

Q: If you had to choose a position other than power forward, what would you choose?

A: ”Center. I feel like I would be a great center and I play center in 10’s lobbies.”

Q: Which was the first NBA 2K that you played at a casual level?

A: “NBA 2K16. During NBA 2K17 I got more competitive on the park and stage level.”

Q: Do you have aspirations to be in the NBA 2K League?

A:  “Yes, I do have NBA 2K league aspirations.”

Q: If you had to choose an NBA player that matches your NBA 2K playstyle, which NBA player would you choose?

A: “Pascal Siakam. He is a good shooter and a great leader at the power forward position.”

Q: What are some of your biggest NBA 2K accomplishments?

A: “TPO champs, WR Select champs, NextUp champs, Militia tourney winner, and CLTX Crossover Gaming tourney winner”

Q: What are some things that you look for out of your teammates each time you step on the virtual hardwood?

A:  “I look to make sure that my teammates are locked in. On this game more than any other game, anyone can win off of momentum swings so we try and be locked in all the of time — obviously while having fun sometimes.”

Q: What are some of your biggest strengths and weaknesses when it comes to you as not only a player, but also as a teammate? What, if anything, do you feel you need to work on the most?

A: “My biggest strength is my ability to lead a team by just communicating and making adjustments. My biggest weakness is playing the game a lot because I work during the day, so I can’t get reps aside from playing in series.”

Q: Do you watch film before you play your tournament and playoff games to understand your opponent’s tendencies?

A: “During pre-draft I used to a lot, but due to work I can’t go as hard on film watching now. If I know we play a good team, like GNA or Stand Tall, I watch my film to learn tendencies — and I’ll talk to my team about it.”

Q: What is your favorite NBA 2K of all time?

A: “NBA 2K17”

Q: What made you want to join the Liquid Pro-Am brand?

A:  “Liquid was a good opportunity for me because I already had a good starting five. I just didn’t have a brand to represent, so I got in contact with Manny and got things shaking.”

Q: What teams do you look forward to playing the most during post-draft and which teams do you least look forward to playing?

A:  “I look forward to playing against GNA a lot because they are the best team on our console (PS5). There’s no one that I’m not looking forward to play to be honest — I want all smoke coming into pre-draft.”

Q: If you had to chose one word to describe yourself as a player, what would it be?

A: “Leader”

As always, thank you very much for reading. Likes, retweets, and comments are appreciated. Follow me on Twitter @TrentonReed33 for more NBA 2K League and NBA 2K Pro-Am content.

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