Trenton Reed: Q&A With Liquid Pro-Am’s DTrick

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Trenton Reed: Q&A With Liquid Pro-Am's DTrick

In today’s post, I got to chat with DTrick, who plays center for Liquid Pro-Am. Below, we talked about how DTrick got into playing competitive pro-am, his hobbies outside of NBA 2K, and much more. I appreciate everyone who takes the time out of your day to read this article and thank you very much for reading.

Q: Which was the first 2K that you played casually?

A: “NBA2K11 was the first one I played just for fun man — I loved the create-a-legend mode.”

Q: Which was the first 2K that you played competitively and who did you play with?

A: “The first 2K that I really took seriously was NBA 2K20 when I played with Cooks and Shooters Touch. After that I played with Rabb and Bombs Away — made multiple finals and final fours with those teams.”

Q: What are some hobbies that you have outside of NBA 2K?

A: “To be honest aside from being with my family and watching my little brother, playing 2k pretty much is is my life right now.”

Q: If you had to choose a position other than center, what would you choose?

A: “If I had to play a different position, I’d definitely want to play lock.”

Q: Do you have aspirations to be in the NBA 2K League?

A:  “Yeah, I definitely have NBA 2K League aspirations. This will be my second year going for it, and last year I came pretty close I’d say — so I’m going to go give it my all this next year and just live with results.”

Q: If you had to choose an NBA player that matches your NBA 2K playstyle, which NBA player would you choose?

A: “I would probably say prime Blake Griffin with the shooting ability and highlight-reel plays.”

Q: What are some of your biggest NBA 2K accomplishments?

A: “My biggest accomplishment so far was winning the Grizz Gaming tournament and making the draft pool with Bombs Away this past year.”

Q: What are some things that you look for out of your teammates each time you step on the virtual hardwood?

A: “I definitely look for trust in one another — it’s impossible for a team to win with just one or two guys doing all of the work. Something else I expect out of my guys is composure. We all know there’s a bunch of ups and downs in a game like 2K, and a lot of times even if you make the perfect decision on a play you may not get rewarded.” 

Q: What are some of your biggest strengths and weaknesses when it comes to you as not only a player, but also as a teammate? What, if anything, do you feel you need to work on the most?

A: “I think rebounding and passing are two of my biggest strengths. Defense as a whole is the biggest weakness in my game right now.”

Q: What is your favorite NBA 2K of all time?

A: “That’s definitely tough, but I’d have to say either 2K11 or 2K17 would be my favorite 2K of all time.”

Q: What made you want to join the Liquid Pro-Am brand?

A: “Spam and JohnnyRed were telling me about some of the benefits of playing under the brand — after talking to them I was sold on the brand.”

Q: Which teams are you looking forward to playing the most during post-draft and which teams are you least looking forward to playing?

A:  “I think I speak for the whole team when I say the only team we look forward to playing against is Shooters Touch. It’s always a great feeling and good accomplishment to take down that team.”

Q: Who would you say supports you the most in the NBA 2K community or just the most in general?

A: “Definitely Peroxide, he’s one of the best teammates I’ve ever had and I’ve learned more from him than anyone.”

Q: If you had to choose one word to describe yourself as a player, which word would you choose?

A: “If I had to choose one word to describe myself as a player, it would probably be “energy”. Everybody knows me to be the spark plug — the guy to get everybody into the game, locked in, and engaged.”

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