Trenton Reed: Q&A With Liquid Pro-Am PG Spam1of1

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Trenton Reed: Q&A With Liquid Pro-Am PG Spam1of1

For those of you that don’t know me, my name is Trenton Reed, I’m from Montana, and I’m also a team writer for Liquid Pro-Am. In today’s post, I got to chat with Spam1of1, who plays point guard for Liquid Pro-Am on the Xbox side. Below, we talked about how Spam got into playing competitive pro-am, his hobbies outside of NBA 2K, and much more. I appreciate everyone who takes the time out of your day to read this article and thank you very much for reading.

(1) Question

What inspired you to get into the competitive NBA 2K pro-am scene?


“Dimez and Rigby were a major inspiration to me. When I wasn’t allowed to play video games as often, I watched them on Twitch. Once I saw how good they were and that they made money from it, I thought I could do the same or possibly better than them.”

(2) Question

What was the first NBA 2K that you played competitively and who did you play with?


“The first NBA 2K that I played competitively was 2K20 after the NBA 2K League draft during the summer — I can play a lot more 2K in the summertime. I started out playing with Buggz MSE, Knip, and Professor. Later on I received a better opportunity with T9 and Maj, and decided to take myself to the next level.”

(3) Question

Do you have aspirations to be in the NBA 2K League?


“I’ve always wanted to achieve my goal of making money while being good at 2K — so yes, the NBA 2K League is perfect for what I’m trying to achieve.”

(4) Question

What are some of your biggest strengths and weaknesses when it comes to you as not only a player, but also as a teammate? What, if anything, do you feel you need to work on the most?


“One of my biggest strengths as a teammate is that I make sure the whole team is composed no matter the situation. Even if everyone is yelling and hollering, it’s always “next play, stay composed.”

“One of my weaknesses is that I have to learn how to use my whole team, instead of thinking the game is all on myself and my decisions.”

(5) Question

What are some hobbies that you have outside of NBA 2K?


“Before I got injured last year, all I used to do was play basketball. Right now during quarantine, I’m mainly focused on school with exams and SATs coming up — school and NBA 2K to be honest.”

(6) Question

Your team has already secured a bid to compete for the UPA championship in Dallas — What is the team’s confidence level heading into that tournament?


“I feel like our team confidence level is through the roof and we all feel like there isn’t a team better than us. For things as a team, I feel as if we need to work on our composure through tough games. We are perfecting it, but it’s not 100% there. Also, if we score consistently and make sure we don’t give up leads quickly, then we’ll be unstoppable in the Dallas tournament.”

(7) Question

What are some things that you look for out of your teammates each time you step on the virtual hardwood?


“I look for them to make sure they are focused on the task at hand, which is winning. I need DTrick, Peroxide and Zayy to play great defense in sync. I need Johhny to score whenever the ball is in his hands. I need DTrick and I to be in sync on offense — which are all building blocks for us to win together.”

(8) Question

What teams do you look forward to playing the most during post-draft and which teams do you least look forward to playing?


“I like playing Shooters Touch and In Control because they are always a challenging to team for us. I always love having good games. Only team I least look forward to playing is Strait Ice. I just dislike playing on the west-coast servers but I’ll have to get used to it eventually.”

(9) Question

What made you want to join the Liquid Pro-Am brand?


“I joined the Liquid Pro-Am brand because my team and I needed a brand to takeoff with. Luckily, I was cool with Khris and he gave me a great opportunity to play for Liquid Pro-Am.”

(10) Question

What was the first NBA 2K pro-am league you ever competed in?


“My first draft league was UBL, which was a Facebook league and literally no one knew who I was. People saw my talent from combine games. I dropped 30 and people asked if I wanted to play on their pro-am team in WR.”

(11) Question

What was the very first 2k you played at a casual level or have you always been a strictly competitive player?


“I was a casual for a while because I wasn’t allowed to play as much as I am now. The first 2K I started played for fun was 2K14 on the Xbox 360, then 2K16 on the Xbox One.”

(12) Question

If you had to choose a position other than guard, what would you choose?


“Being a lockdown would be the most fun for me. I like getting in the opposing point guard’s head and having the most energy on defense.”

(13) Question

If you had to chose one word to describe yourself as a player, what would it be?



(14) Question

Have you always played point guard in the competitive ProAm scene?


“I’ve always played point guard and perfected it each year”.

(15) Question

Which player or team has given you the most trouble?


“During pre-draft, Crush gave me a lot of trouble at the beginning, but I eventually learned to score on him. I also asked for advice on how to improve against players that are as good as he is, then I learned and utilized everything he told me this post-draft.”

As always, thank you for very much for reading. Likes, retweets, and comments are appreciated. You can find Spam on Twitter @spam1of1. Follow me on Twitter @TrentonReed33 for more NBA 2K League content.

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