Trenton Reed: Q&A With Liquid Pro-Am PF Anklez

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Trenton Reed: Q&A With Liquid Pro-Am PF Anklez

For those of you that don’t know me, my name is Trenton Reed, I’m from Montana, and I’m also a team writer for Liquid Pro-Am. In today’s post, I got to chat with Anklez, who plays power forward for Liquid Pro-Am on the PS5 side. Below, we talked about how Anklez got into playing competitive pro-am, his hobbies outside of NBA 2K, and much more. I appreciate everyone who takes the time out of your day to read this article and thank you very much for reading.

(1) Question

What was the first NBA 2K that you played competitively and who did you play with?


“I started playing with this team called “Punishers” back in NBA 2K17.”

(2) Question

Do you have aspirations to be in the NBA 2K League?


“Yeah of course, I think that’s the goal for everyone playing competitve pro-am. I have made the NBA 2K League draft pool the past two seasons.”

(3) Question

What are some of your biggest strengths and weaknesses when it comes to you as not only a player, but also as a teammate? What, if anything, do you feel you need to work on the most?


“My biggest strengths are seeing the court from different point of views; seeing what the defense is trying to do since I’ve played multiple positions, and being vocal on defense.”

“My biggest weakness is probably overthinking too much on offense.”

(4) Question

What are some hobbies that you have outside of NBA 2K?


“I don’t have any really, probably watch TV shows.”

(5) Question

Your team has already secured a bid to compete for the UPA championship in Dallas — What is the team’s confidence level heading into that tournament?


“Our confidence is through the roof right now, I feel like we’re top-three on PS5 at the moment. We just beat the #1 and WR winners (GNA) in a hell series. I feel like we just need to stay composed and play our game. We have too much talent on this team, we can compete with any team at the moment.”

(6) Question

What are some things that you look for out of your teammates each time you step on the virtual hardwood?


“Good vibes and communication that’s all I ask for from my teammates.”

(7) Question

Which teams do you look forward to playing the most during post-draft and which teams do you least look forward to playing?


“I’m looking forward to playing my Liquid bothers from Stand Tall, that will be a test for us. They made it to the last WR finals.”

“The team I’m least team looking forward to play against is definitely Tunnel Vision. They play different compared to every other top team. It’s hard adjusting to AntSZN’s playstyle, but I trust the boys around me.”

(8) Question

What made you want to join the Liquid Pro-Am brand?


“I saw a big opportunity with the Liquid Pro-Am, I only have to focus on performing on the court. I’m loving the Liquid family.”

(9) Question

What are some of your biggest NBA 2K accomplishments in the competitive pro-am scene? 


“Winning TPO, WR select, Next Up, WR open and WR finals in 2K20 — and being a top-three player in the Latin community for the past four years.”

(10) Question

What is your favorite NBA 2K of all time?


“NBA 2K16. Self explanatory, it was the best 2K overall with balanced gameplay.”

(11) Question

If you had to choose a position other than power forward, what would you choose?


“I actually started as lockdown/center in the pro-am competitive scene. I was just recently playing center for my last TPO season and we won with me playing center”.

(12) Question

If you had to chose one word to describe yourself as a player, what would it be?



(13) Question

How did you come up with the gamertag Anklez?


“I used to play with a friend of mine name “H a n d l e z” back on Xbox where I used to play. One day I decided to switch my gamertag and he gave me the idea for my PSN.”

(14) Question

Who is your biggest supporter in the NBA 2K community? 


“I won’t say just one supporter. The Latin community in general, they support me a lot.”

As always, thank you for very much for reading. Likes, retweets, and comments are appreciated. You can find Anklez on Twitter @anklez_. Follow me on Twitter @TrentonReed33 for more NBA 2K League content.

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