Trenton Reed: Looking Back At Lakers Gaming’s Draft Night

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Trenton Reed: Looking Back At Lakers Gaming's Draft Night

While I am a little surprised at how Lakers Gaming drafted, I think that they will be a playoff team. Lakers Gaming originally went into the draft with picks 1, 24, 38, and 61. Prior to the draft, Lakers Gaming agreed to a trade with Heat Check Gaming that would send Sav to Miami in exchange for the seventh overall pick. At pick number one, Lakers gaming selected vKraxy. Krazy is a prospect that has proven time and time again that he can compete with the best players in the world, no matter if he is at center or lockdown. Not only was this an easy choice at first overall, but this was a pick that could be a potential franchise-changing selection. After two subpar seasons in a row, Lakers Gaming needs to be in win-now mode headed into season four. Choosing Krazy in this spot is the perfect opportunity to turn things around.

At pick number seven, Lakers Gaming selected ReeseDaGod. This was a great pick, as Reese is an exceptional veteran player. When you draft a player like Reese, you know that you are getting a proven winner. Reese is coming off a championship in season three with Wizards District Gaming. You are also getting one of the best combo-guards in the league. He can handle the ball if you need him to and he can also get himself open off the ball with ease. Reese should be able to bring LA some valuable leadership on the virtual court and off the court as well.

At pick number 24, Lakers Gaming selected Bohio. This pick had myself and several others fairly surprised, but I don’t think that Bohio is a bad player by any means. I definitely think that he deserves another chance to show how good he can be after an underwhelming rookie season with Pacers Gaming. It just makes me wonder what Lakers Gaming is going to do as far as their lineups go. Bohio is a very solid shooting guard, and he showed that during pre-draft. He is an efficient shooter and he is able to call plays for himself, as well as his teammates. I think that Bohio was a good pick, but this is a season in which Bohio has to prove himself, and he’ll get his opportunity.

With pick number 38, Lakers Gaming selected Seese. Seese is a very good power forward, and probably the biggest sleeper power forward in this draft class. For the readers who may have never heard of Seese, he played power forward for Hitlist during pre-draft. Seese plays passing lanes extremely well out of the corner, he knows when he needs to drop on the slip, and does so without hesitation most of the time. He baits the corner pass really well, which sometimes makes opposing players throw passes that aren’t actually open. He also hits his jump shots out of the corner efficiently. Lastly, he is really good at playing two when necessary, which essentially means guarding two people at once for a short period of time.

Lakers Gaming’s final pick of the 2021 NBA 2K League draft, number 61, was used to select Bobby Buckets. Bobby can play multiple positions and fill the sixth-man role if asked. He can play lockdown, power forward, sharpshooter and even center if he needs to. Bobby communicates with his teammates very well. When he is playing lockdown, I have noticed that he is always communicating with his pick-and-roll partner, letting him know which side he is playing. At power forward, he does everything that you need. He knocks down his jumpers and plays lanes well. One thing that I have noticed, is that on occasion he can be a little hesitant to drop out of the corner when needed. Bobby was a good pickup for Lakers Gaming in the NBA 2K League draft.      

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