Trenton Reed: Heat Check Gaming Draft Recap & Season Preview

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Trenton Reed: Heat Check Gaming Draft Recap & Season Preview

Heat Check Gaming went into the season four draft looking to rebuild their roster after a season in which they underperformed. At the end of season three, Heat Check Gaming elected to protect Deedz, TBShiftay, and Hotshot. Heading into the draft, Heat Check Gaming needed to fill empty spots at point guard, shooting guard, and power forward.

On draft night, Heat Check Gaming agreed to acquire Sav from Lakers Gaming in exchange for just the seventh overall selection. This was a huge acquisition for Miami because they haven’t ever had a consistent point guard who can score like Sav. He also facilitates the ball extremely well. Sav is hoping to score on the break for a majority of the time, but he is also capable of dribbling himself into an open jumper. With this trade, Heat Check Gaming now has two franchise-caliber players in Sav and Hotshot. 

At pick 29, Heat Check Gaming selected Waun. A lot of people were critical of this pick because we didn’t see Waun play in season three despite being drafted by Raptors Uprising GC. Gameplay-wise, Waun does a lot of the little things well. He knocks down his open looks, crashes for rebounds out of the corner, maintains boxouts for his teammates, etc. He plays lanes well and knows when he can gamble out of the corner, but he also realizes when it’s not worth it to go for a steal. He’s flashed discipline, and doesn’t often make mistakes that put him out of position. This was a solid pick for Heat Check Gaming, despite the criticism. 

At pick 43, with Heat Check Gaming’s last pick of the 2021 NBA 2K League draft, the team selected Gooner. Throughout pre-draft, Gooner played point guard in EU leagues and tournaments. In addition, Gooner played shooting guard with Rise Above on American servers. This pick formed an interesting backcourt, and Sav is going to need Gooner to take some pressure off of him on the offensive end. Gooner is able to dex off-ball effectively, as well as being capable of a bucket in late shot-clock situations. 

If this team is able to click and the backcourt is able to score consistently, Heat Check Gaming could have a very successful season and possibly a deep run into the playoffs. If this team is unable to click, it could be a long season for Heat Check Gaming. On paper, this team looks very promising, but of course, the games still have to be played.

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