Trenton Reed: Hawks Talon GC Draft Review

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Trenton Reed: Hawks Talon GC Draft Review

Hawks Talon GC went into the season four draft looking to fill some pieces around their season three retentions in BP, Kelmav, and Lee. Hawks Talon GC had picks number 11, 34, and 48 to fill out their roster. 

With pick number 11, Hawks Talon GC selected Ceez. I thought that this was a solid pick for Hawks Talon GC. Ceez has shown time and time again that he can compete with the other ”top” guards in this draft class. He facilitates the ball well and he can score anytime you need him to. For the most part he does a good job at limiting his turnover numbers as well. It will be interesting to see where he fits in with this team with BP slotted as their point guard for now, but overall, I think this was a great pick for Hawks Talon GC, as Ceez can also play sharp if needed.

With KelMav on the roster as well, it’s going to be interesting to see how things shake out for them. This is a good problem for Hawks Talon GC to have, as they acquired a lot of talent for this upcoming season.

At pick 34, Hawks Talon GC selected Fakiee. Fakiee is a super solid power forward who, quite honestly, I was surprised that he was still on the board as late as he was. He does everything well at the power forward position. He shoots incredibly well out of the corner, rebounds well, knows when to bait the corner pass, and when to drop on the slip. He does everything super well at the power forward position, making Fakiee a great pick for Hawks Talon GC.

Pick 48 was Hawks Talon GC’s last pick of the 2021 NBA2K League draft and they selected lockdown defender MikeSwann. I personally thought this was a solid pick, as Swann is as dedicated as anybody in this draft class. As most people know, Swann competes on east coast servers, but he is from the west coast, so he is constantly playing at a connection disadvantage. Swann traveled to the east coast to compete in the NapX invitational against other top prospects and that’s where we all saw what Swann can do on an even playing field. He proved that he can play against the “best of the best” when he’s not delayed. The NapX invitational, in addition to the closed combine,  is where MikeSwann made a name for himself. 

Despite what other critics may say, Hawks Talon GC had a super solid draft. On paper they look really good, but it’s not about what they look like on paper. It’s a matter of the results when they finally start playing games that count. I look forward to watching Hawks Talon GC compete in season four and I believe that they will have a good season.

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