Token: Heat Check Gaming Draft Recap

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Token: Heat Check Gaming draft recap + season prediction

Draft Grade: B+

Season Prediction: 8-6

Heat Check Gaming had the potential to go crazy last season. They made a lot of good moves during the draft, and they thought they found the backcourt that would help secure them another ticket stub to the playoffs. Glenn could never settle into the role given to him in Miami. They also took a chance on Delusion, who had serious potential to be great, but unfortunately he never lived up to that potential.

Heat Check Gaming decided to retain the best part of season three by keeping TBShiftay, Hotshot, and Deedz. It may seem a bit deceiving because according to the team stats, Heat Check had a bottom-five defense. The thing with that stat is this team was also seventh in turnovers, so you have to wonder how much blame falls on the on the pick-and-roll defenders (Shiftay and Hotshot). At any rate, there was a dire need of a point guard in Miami, and Famous (GM of Heat Check Gaming) pulled some strings—which brings us to draft day.

On draft night, Heat Check Gaming’s front office committed robbery in broad daylight, accepting a trade that sent their seventh pick to Lakers Gaming in exchange for the fourth-highest leading scorer in the entire league—Sten Saar (Sav). This is exactly the kind of lead-guard that Heat Check Gaming needed. They have had trouble finding a point guard that can command the offense and get a bucket, and this trade provided that. He was an avid scorer last season and he really knew how to be a difference maker, no matter who he stepped on the court with during a rough LA season three. Sav is the perfect man for the job in Miami and I am super intrigued moving into season four. 

With the void at point guard taken care of before the draft even started, we can focus on their pair of picks. It seems to me that they retained Deedz as a sixth-man type of player, but I won’t assume anything more. Here are the facts—Miami needed two things and they started off by taking a guy that didn’t play a single game last season, but collected over six figures. Anthony Rivas (Wuan) was selected at twenty-nine overall. Wuan is a guy that everyone knows is elite at 2K. He can play practically wherever he wants or is needed. Wuan will really give this team the difference maker that they so desperately needed at power forward.  Wuan is a good shooter and an elite defender out of the corner, so why did he fall so far? Some teams may have been concerned about his history he had with Raptors Uprising GC, but that didn’t seem to hinder Famous at all. 

The last piece necessary to finish this puzzle was a shooting guard to compliment Sav. Having a guy that your point guard can trust is so pivotal to a successful offense. It was also important to make sure they got a guy that they knew wouldn’t cause any problems in the locker room. There were a couple of really good options left on the board such as JCurry, Witness, and EG4Hunnid, but they went a different route. At pick number forty-three, Heat Check Gaming selected Jamie Bull (Gooner) from the United Kingdom. Gooner was grinding like crazy this offseason for a second chance in the league after a difficult season one outing, and he was granted one. The refreshing thing about Gooner is he started as a point guard and then he transitioned to shooting guard. What this means is he can think like a point guard and make life easy on Sav. I really like this pick. 

In conclusion, Heat Check Gaming has real potential to make some noise this season. It just comes down to whether or not their brand new backcourt can find a rhythm together. I think Wuan will settle into that front court extremely well, so that isn’t a big concern of mine. If each individual on this roster can maintain a sense of self-accountability, a good season is in the card for this group. I can not wait to see how this new-look Heat Check Gaming roster can perform. The Eastern Conference looks rather weak again this season, so it shouldn’t be a very hard feat to make it to the playoffs, but to quote Famous, “games still have to be played”.

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