Team Profile: Nets Gaming Crew

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The 2020 Nets Gaming Crew squad is going to look almost completely different. The Nets will probably run two ball handlers, as they drafted Choc and retained last year’s PG Wavy. Other than Wavy, the only player retained was big man Shuttles. The Nets added 3 rookies (Choc, Potts, and Randomz) to round out the roster of Wavy, Shuttles, and new forward Rando. Will inexperience end up burning the Nets GC this season?

One player that wasn’t retained after 2018 was off-ball guard NateKahl (traded to Pacers Gaming). In the games I watched, NateKahl was unquestionably their vocal leader, constantly calling out defensive assignments, hitting the right cuts, and making the correct swing passes. It will be interesting to see how they transition from an experienced veteran next to Wavy, to a backcourt of Choc/Wavy.

Newcomer PG Choc and big man Shuttles looked locked in playing together during Friday’s scrimmages against 76ers GC. The two flashed unbelievable chemistry, and those people saying park players, such as Choc, can’t make the transition may end up eating their words. The PNR game was immaculate, and Shuttles is ACTIVE on the offensive boards. These two are definitely fun to watch work.

Wavy, while not as flashy as the previous guards we studied, is an important piece for this team. Always looking for the three-ball, he runs an effective offense and doesn’t make too many poor choices. While other teams might hide their PG in the corner on defense, Wavy would pick up full court every possession if his coach would let him. He plays high right side, constantly pressuring the opponent’s point guard. Wavy’s shooting and tenacious defense are the main reasons I don’t think he’ll have an issue switching to the off guard spot alongside PG Choc.

This video highlights PG Wavy. You’ll see just how special he is: on-ball, off-ball, and on the defensive end. Wavy can do it all.

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