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I don’t care if you don’t play 2K, if you don’t watch 2K, whatever: this is a win for anybody missing sports in their life. Today, May 5th, the NBA2K League will launch its third annual season with remote gameplay ON ESPN. The 2K League making it to ESPN is a colossal deal and should attract new viewers the 2KL might not have had beforehand. If you’re like me, there’s been an empty void just begging to be filled since that last NBA game was played in March and THIS is what fills the void. History begins tonight. Let’s get into it.

What I’m Watching Night 1:

I’ll include the full schedule at the bottom as well, but we’re going to be talking about what I’m watching night 1; because it’s my shitty blog. The 7 PM game to watch is 100% the 76ers vs Raptors and here’s why: 76ers PG Radiant. Regarded as the best player in the league by many players, he’s a privilege to watch. For those of you that watch the League in order to improve their game, this is a great PG to emulate. I watched him play one game this offseason and he dropped 50 points with ease. He’s a special ball-handler and dynamic scorer. Look for Radiant and the 76ers to score in bunches and hit the ground running this Wednesday.

Your 9 PM game to watch: the revamped Hawks squad built around BP, vs Mavs Gaming. More special lead guard play here. Tale of the Tape:

BP: Literally broke retail version of 2k20 with his “BP build” – sidenote: this has to be the first build in a 2K game named after a player, right?-

(19.3 PPG- 7.9 APG- 1.4 SPG) 2019 stats (Finished top 5 in MVP voting)

Dimez: 2018 Number 1 overall pick, averaged 22 PPG-11 APG- 3.2 SPG in rookie season. Dimez is an entire offense by himself and no slouch on defense either.

(16.7 PPG- 8.7 APG- 1.4 SPG) 2019 stats

Two creative scoring-guards going head-to-head is always going to be must-watch action for fans. Look for these PGs to go score-for-score down to the final minute.

My Picks:

So, it’s not possible to legally gamble on the 2KL yet, but let’s not kid ourselves: once a sport hits mainstream Americans want to have money on the line while watching. It’s just how we operate and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Each week I’ll try to take what little I know and put it to the test. Here are my picks for the week:

Cavs Legion vs. Pacers Gaming: The Cavs are lead by ESPY winner oLarry but I don’t think their season opener ends in a happy story. Give me Pacers Gaming and heres why:

  1. The Pacers have potentially the best Lock in the entire league: NateKahl
  2. Roster continuity: only one new face in the starting lineup, 1st round pick PG Bohio. Look for Bohio to run a clean offense, minimize mistakes, and ultimately win this series.

76ers GC vs. Raptors Uprising GC:

You won’t ever see me pick against 76ers starting point guard Radiant. No disrespect to the Raptors, but picking against Radiant would be foolish. No further explanation.

Kings Gaming Squad vs. Warriors Gaming Squad:

These are two teams I didn’t personally research in my season 3 team preview series. The pick comes down to two things for me: the Warriors asserted dominance last season, winning 2 of 3 possible tournaments despite a lackluster regular season. And once again roster turnover: the Kings changed damn near the entire roster and this usually results in slow starts.

Mavs Gaming vs. Hawks Talon GC:

We did a tale of the tape above so ya’ll already know this matchup showcases two talented point guards. but here’s why the Mavs win: Center PeteBeBallin is the best 2nd option on either team. The Hawks restructured their roster and teams with a lot of offseason roster turnover tend to start slow in this league. Give me the Mavs tonight.

May 5th Matchups:

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