Review: Out The Mud def. No Tolerance (3OT)

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Somehow I missed this triple-overtime ADBA matchup between Out The Mud and No Tolerance. Five professionals vs. five aspiring draftees going head-to-head in an elite eight is something I can’t miss, so that’s on me. My bad, Saint. I went back and reviewed:

Out The Mud def. No Tolerance

ADBA Open Elite Eight

Single Elimination

Starting Lineups:


(PG) Regg

(SG) Arooks

(Lock) Saint

(PF) Beezus

(C) oLarry

No Tolerance

(PG) Deron

(Lock) Gunz

(F) Myles

(F) Fakiee

(C) YoDrakez

First Half

The first half was a sloppy one all around. The two teams combined to commit 13 turnovers total, leading to inconsistent offense from both sides. Towards the end, the Out The Mud backcourt started to heat up, as both Regg and Arooks registered 12 points apiece, helping give their team a slight advantage at the break. Team leaders after 10 minutes:

Deron (10pts-5asts), Gunz (7pts-2stls), Drakez (4pts-3rebs)

Regg (12pts-ast), Arooks (12pts-2asts-3rebs), Saint (ast-2stls)

Second Half

At the end of regulation we had a tie ballgame, 54-54. Out The Mud had a few opportunities down the stretch to put the game away, but No Tolerance managed to force overtime behind a late passing lane steal from Fakiee that led to a quick Deron score on the other end (7 secs. left). On the next possession, Regg’s midrange shot rimmed out as time expired, leading to overtime.

No Tolerance’s backcourt combined for 41 points during regulation: Deron (27pts) and Gunz (14pts). OTM’s backcourt kept pace, with Regg recording 25 of his 38 points before the first overtime (Arooks; 15pts on 5 3PM).

Overtime Periods

The end of the first overtime period was a lot like the end of the fourth quarter. No Tolerance played from behind but capitalized on a few key Out The Mud mistakes. After a Saint hash three put OTM up three points with 20 seconds left, the team quickly allowed Fakiee to answer with a three of his own, ultimately forcing another overtime.

Roles were reversed during the second overtime, as Out The Mud was forced to erase a deficit late. A transition Regg three-pointer nodded it up at 73 apiece. No Tolerance went 0-for-2 on field goal attempts to extend their lead in the final 25 seconds.

A pair of missed Out The Mud free-throws (up 84-83, 7 secs. remaining) late in the third overtime made things interesting… for maybe 10 seconds. Regg picked sixed a No Tolerance inbound pass and strolled all the way to the rim, giving OTM a three-point advantage.

Statistics & Highlights

Out The Mud

Points (88), Rebounds (20), Assists (21), Steals (10), Blocks (1), Fouls (17), Turnovers (16), FGA-FGM (35-for-54), 3PA-3PM (15-for-25)

Regg (38pts-11asts-5stls), Arooks (18pts-7rebs-5asts-stl), Saint (10pts-ast-2stls-blk), Beezus (3pts-7rebs-stl), oLarry (19pts-5rebs-3asts-stl)

No Tolerance

Points (84), Rebounds (20), Assists (23), Steals (11), Blocks (1), Fouls (14), Turnovers (14), FGA-FGM (34-for-56), 3PA-3PM (11-for-25)

Deron (37pts-13asts-2stls), Gunz (15pts-2asts-3stls), Myles (3pts-3asts-stl-blk), Fakiee (13pts-5rebs-4stls), Drakez (16pts-10rebs-3asts)

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