Review: Fanta vs. MJB Wager

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Quick recap of the Fanta vs. MJB wager

It’s no secret that Pro-Am has needed a jolt recently. With league night taking over, the game-mode has been dry. This Fanta x MJB wager was the most anticipated matchup we’ve had in awhile. I decided to tune in, clip a few highlights, and review the series, mostly because I don’t have anything better to do. Let’s get into it.

Tale of the Tape

Best-of-three series

$1,000 pot

Full series: twitch.tv/mrstylez_

(PG) Fanta

(SG) Malik

(Lock) Stylez

(PF) Zar

(C) GloTheReal


(SG) Chess

(Lock) Gunz

(PF) BxmpyDon

(C) TopTierCrown

Game One

Fanta and co. entered halftime of game one with a double-digit lead in hand, containing opposing point guard MJB well (2 points, 1-for-5 at halftime). The team quickly saw that lead disappear as MJB managed to get going and pop badge early in the third quarter. The slow start came back to bite them in the end, and Team Fanta took game one relatively comfortably (54-46).

Sidenote: Stylez and Glo played really well defensively in the pick-and-roll together. That is all.


Fanta (15pts-7asts-2stls), Stylez (8pts-3rebs-3blks), Malik (15pts-3asts-stl), Zar (9pts-6rebs), GloTheReal (7pts-8rebs-4asts-2stls)

MJB (18pts-7asts-2stls), Gunz (2pts-2stls), Chess (12pts-5rebs-6asts), BxmpyDon (8pts-2rebs), TopTierCrown (6pts-8rebs-2asts)


Game Two

Game two’s first half was Fanta (15 points, 2 assists) and MJB (12 points, 6 assists) trading shots. The back and forth action carried over into the second half and we had a close, competitive matchup… until the end of the third quarter.

Fanta and co. hit their stride late in the third, claiming a nine-point lead heading into the final frame. The team maintained the lead as Fanta finished with 28 points and 8 assists on 10-for-13 shooting, while recording just a single (1) turnover. Final score, 65-54.


Fanta (28pts-8asts), Stylez (6pts-blk), Malik (20pts-2asts-2stls), Zar (3pts-2asts-3stls), GloTheReal (8pts-3rebs-ast)

MJB (19pts-7asts), Gunz (2asts-2stls), Chess (10pts-4asts), BxmpyDon (8pts-3rebs-stl), TopTierCrown (17pts-5rebs-3asts)


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