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Summaries, highlights, and statistics for Defiance vs. LAFN, No Smoke vs. Bloodlust, and Slept On Superstars vs. Throwdown.

Another big night of pro-am. We started with No Smoke vs. Bloodlust around 7 p.m. Next up was Defiance vs. LAFN squaring off in a Final 4. About an hour later, it was tipoff time for a wager, this one featuring Throwdown and SOS. I reviewed what I watched:

No Smoke def. Bloodlust, 2-1

WR Open (Round 5)

Best-of-three series

Starting Lineups:

No Smoke

(PG) CB13

(SG) 630

(Lock) Wolf

(PF) Lavish

(C) Jomar


(PG) Sav

(SG) Reese

(Lock) Krazy

(PF) Jin

(C) Wuan

Game One (Bloodlust, 59-45)

Slow starts have been killing pro-am teams as of late and No Smoke was the latest causality in game one. By halftime, CB13 and co. found themselves down 15 points (39-24), posting back-to-back quarters with just 12 points scored. Bloodlust maintained the lead throughout the second half, never letting No Smoke within striking distance.

Potential No. 1 overall selection in the upcoming NBA 2K League draft, Krazy, posted 17 points (team-high), 2 assists, and 2 steals on 7-for-8 shooting.

Sav (12pts-8asts), Reese (12pts-3asts-2stls), Krazy (17pts-2asts-3stls), Jin (12pts-7rebs-3blks), Wuan (6pts-7rebs-4asts-2stls)

CB13 (6pts-7asts), 630 (17pts-5asts-blk), Wolf (3pts-2rebs-stl), Lavish (3pts-7rebs-stl), Jomar (16pts-6rebs-blk)

Game Two (No Smoke, 62-46)

Game two featured a near-opposite first half. This time around, it was No Smoke who possessed a large lead (41-25), as CB13 (17pts) and 630 (9pts) combined to outscore the opposition on their own during the first pair of quarters. Once again, just like the first contest, the team up big refused to forfeit their lead. No Smoke wins, forcing a series-deciding game three.

No Smoke had a trio of starters register 15+ points: CB13 (26pts), 630 (15pts), and Jomar (19pts) combined outscored Bloodlust as a team.

CB13 (23pts-6asts), 630 (15pts-6asts), Wolf (2pts-reb), Lavish (3pts-6rebs-stl), Jomar (19pts-8rebs-2stls)

Sav (26pts-5asts), Reese (8pts-3asts-stl), Krazy (8pts-ast-stl), Jin (4pts-6rebs-stl), Wuan (ast-stl-2blks)

Game Three (No Smoke, 61-54)

We finally got a complete, competitive game in the final contest with No Smoke completing the reverse sweep. CB13 recorded a double-double with 21 points and 13 assists, while Jomar eclipsed the 20-point mark as well, finishing with 22 points and 7 boards. No Smoke now advances to the next round of the WR Open.

CB13 (21pts-13asts), 630 (8pts-ast), Wolf (4pts-ast), Lavish (6pts-6rebs-2blks), Jomar (22pts-7rebs-3asts)

Sav (20pts-3asts), Reese (10pts-6asts), Krazy (7pts-2rebs), Jin (12pts-7rebs), Wuan (5pts-4rebs-ast)

Defiance def. LAFN, 2-0

Overtime Tournaments Final Four

Best-of-three series

Starting Lineups:


(PG) Fanta

(SG) Malik

(Lock) Stylez

(PF) Zar

(C) GloTheReal


(PG) Claude

(SG) Rigby

(Lock) Randomz

(PF) Bxmpy Don

(C) Crown

Game One (Defiance, 52-35)

Points were hard to come by for both teams early in game one. We had a close contest at halftime but a dominant Defiance third quarter decided the game. Claude caught fire, scoring 11 of his 19 points during the third frame alone. TopTierCrown was just one rebound shy of recording a double-double through 3ish quarters (15pts-9rebs).

Claude (19pts-4asts), Rigby (5pts-3asts-stl), Randomz (8pts-ast-2stls), Don (5pts-2asts-stl), Crown (15pts-9rebs-2stls)

Fanta (13pts-6asts-stl), Malik (2pts-reb), Stylez (9pts), Zar (3pts-ast-stl), Glo (8pts-4rebs-stl)

Game Two (Defiance, 58-46)

Game two featured another dominant Defiance third quarter that LAFN never managed to recover from. Once again, it was a mixture of team defense and their talented young point guard. Claude finished with 20 points and 7 assists on 7-for-13 shooting. The Defiance defense surrendered quarter totals of just 11, 11, 12, and 12, never allowing the LAFN offense to get comfortable. The team now advances to the Overtime finals.

Claude (20pts-7asts), Rigby (9pts), Randomz (8pts-2rebs-2stls), Don (9pts-3rebs-blk), Crown (12pts-8rebs-5asts-3stls-blk)

Fanta (7pts-5asts), Malik (19pts-4asts), Stylez (3pts-stl), Zar (5pts-3rebs), Glo ()

Slept On Superstars def. Throwdown, 2-0

Xtreme Pro-Am Final 4

Best-of-three series

$1,000 Wager

Starting Lineups:


(PG) Insanity

(SG) Marsh

(Lock) Mootyy

(PF) DevGoss

(C) KidLit


(PG) WolfTooClutch

(SG) YoungStarGoat

(Lock) WalkBackGreen

(PF) WatchMyD

(C) Pratt

Game One (SOS, 64-49)

WolfTooClutch had 15 points and 8 assists on 5-for-6 shooting by halftime (!), as SOS began to pull away at the end of the second quarter. Throwdown pulled within a few possessions during the third period, but the final frame belonged to SOS’s backcourt. WolfTooClutch and YoungStar each finished with 24 points, combining to hit 9 three-point attempts.

WolfTooClutch (24pts-11asts-stl-blk), YoungStarGoat (24pts-2asts-2stls), WalkBackGreen (7pts-ast-stl), WatchMyD (3pts-6rebs), Pratt (6pts-6rebs-stl-3blks)

Insanity (21pts-8asts-stl), Marsh (13pts-5asts), Mootyy (5pts-2asts-stl), DevGoss (6pts-3rebs-2stls), KidLit (4pts-7rebs-stl)

Game Two (SOS, 74-60)

Game Two’s first half included more scoring from SOS’s backcourt. A lot more. Wolf (14pts) and YoungStar (16pts) combined to score 30 by halftime, nearly matching Throwdown’s team total (31). The Slept On Superstars carried a 13-point lead into the final quarter and never looked back, winning the wager and advancing to Xtreme Pro-Am’s finals.

Insanity (21pts-10asts), Marsh (2rebs-blk), Mootyy (5pts-stl-2blks), DevGoss (15pts-2asts-stl), KidLit (19pts-3rebs-4asts-stl)

WolfTooClutch (28pts-12asts-stl), YoungStarGoat (24pts-2asts), WalkBackGreen (6pts), WatchMyD (2pts-6rebs-stl), Pratt (14pts-4rebs-blk)

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