Quick Review: Deron vs. AntSZN Wager

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Highlights, stats, and a short summary from the No Tolerance vs. Tunnel Vision wager

In between league nights we got another wager, this time featuring a pair of top 2021 NBA 2K League point guard prospects. In addition to Deron and Ant, this matchup included 7 other draft-eligible players, including a pair of 2020 professionals in Brich and Legit 973. Let’s review.

Tale of the Tape

Best-of-three series

$1,000+ pot

Full series: twitch.tv/WhoIsMyles

(PG) Deron

(Lock) Gunz

(F) Myles

(F) Fakiee

(C) YoDrakez


(G) EG4Hunnid

(G) BRich

(F) iOnThePrize

(F) Legit 973

Game One (67-55)

Game one’s first half was all about the Season Four point guard prospects. AntSZN (16pts-4asts) and Deron (21pts-5asts) had already recorded quality stat lines with an entire half remaining. The second half was a different story, and it was really about the fourth quarter.

Deron kept scoring, finishing with 40 points on 17-for-23 shooting, while Tunnel Vision’s offense experienced long stretches without much production. During the fourth quarter, No Tolerance outscored 17-2, winning game one, 67-55.

Deron (40pts-7asts-3stls), Gunz (11pts2asts-3stls), Myles (5pts-reb-ast), Drakez (6pts-8rebs-stl), Fakiee (5pts-4rebs-blk)

AntSZN (18pts-6asts), BRich (7pts-ast-stl), EG4Hunnid (12pts-4asts), iOnThePrize (3pts-5rebs-stl), Legit (15pts-2asts-stl)

Game Two (65-55)

Game two featured more offensive slumps from Tunnel Vision, and once again they’d come back to bite. TV managed to close the gap a few times, clawing within a few possessions, but Deron seemed to have an answer whenever No Tolerance needed it most. No Tolerance takes game two 65-55, completing the 2-0 sweep.

Sidenote: You’ll probably be able to tell from the statistics and the highlights, but Myles had an awesome game two. He took advantage of his opportunities on offense and made impact plays on defense repeatedly.

Deron (28pts-6asts-3stls), Gunz (7pts-ast-stl), Myles (19pts5rebs-3asts-2stls), Drakez (11pts-10rebs-5asts), Fakiee (9rebs-5asts-stl-blk)

AntSZN (30pts-4asts-stl), BRich (9pts-2stls-2blks), EG4Hunnid (10pts-reb-ast), iOnThePrize (2pts-reb-blk), Legit (4pts-8rebs-6asts-blk-stl)

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