Prestige Area Returns; Finals Matchups Set

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Prestige Area's 'The Arrival': notable performances, statistics, results, finals previews

The return of Prestige Area finally happened last week. ‘The Arrival’ tipped off after the league took a break the past few months, making this their first event of next-gen NBA 2K. Let’s review what led up to The Arrival’s finals and preview the pair of matchups below.

The Arrival (PS5)

Notable Performances (Rounds 1-3, No Order)

Sav: 40pts-8asts-2stls

Dweq: 29pts-3rebs-7asts-2stls-1blk (7-for-7 3PT)

Flacco: 10pts-3rebs-2asts-3stls-1blk

OaklandRose: 37pts-2rebs-11asts (7-for-10 3PT)

Dhuggz: 6pts-6rebs-3asts-2stls-2blks

LogicStark: 17pts-3rebs-1ast-1stl-1blk (8-for-8)

IcyTayne: 30pts-3asts-2stls (11-for-15)

DJLayy: 18pts-14rebs-5asts-2blks

BxmpyDon: 7pts-5rebs-4asts-5stls-1blk

Valor: 4pts-12rebs-4asts-4stls

Sherm: 22pts-12asts (9-for-14)

Sosa Guwop: 12pts-9rebs-3asts-2stls

KingDooms: 21pts-2rebs-5asts-4stls

SmooveGoCrazi: 2tpts-10asts (10-for-13)

Mootyy: 14pts-4rebs-2asts-3stls (4-for-4 3PT)

DJMoney: 18pts-9rebs-2asts-1stl (8-for-10)

Greenlight: 36pts-2rebs-8asts-1to

CantGuardRob: 18pts-7rebs-6asts-1stl-1blk (9-for-13)

TopTierCrown: 16pts-6rebs-3asts-2stls-2blks (8-for-9)

Duck: 29pts-10asts (7-for-8 3PT)

Meanstreetz: 8pts-3rebs-1ast-5stls

Tactuk: 12pts-17rebs-6asts-4stls-1blk

ForeverPolo: 23pts-8rebs-3asts-1blk (10-for-12)

Raw Talentz: 6pts-10rebs-6asts-1stl-2blks

Refyned: 18pts-3rebs-3asts-3stls-2blks (6-for-7)

Ozytf: 15pts-2rebs-3asts-3stls

Finals Preview: Untitled vs. Make It Happen

Untitled, led by duo Claude and Crown, used a variety of lineups on their way to The Arrival’s PS5 Finals. No matter who was suiting up, the team produced, taking out Seize Esports, Bench All-Stars, New Lane, and FIANO during the first four rounds. During the semifinals, starting point guard Claude recorded consecutive 20+ point double-doubles, ultimately securing Untitled’s finals berth. Results and player statistics (min. 4 games played) available below:

(Round One) Untitled def. Seize Esports

(Round Two) Untitled def. Bench All-Stars

(Round Three) Untitled def. New Lane

(Round Four) Untitled def. FIANO

(G) Claude (19pts-6.9asts-2.3tos-59%-54%)

(Lock) Randomz (7.5pts-1.3asts-2stls-0.7blks-63%-58%)

(PF) BxmpyDon (6pts-5.25rebs-3asts-1.25stls-0.5blks-69%-80%)

(PF) DJMoney (8pts-4.75rebs-1.75asts-0.75stls-72%-100%)

(C) TopTierCrown (11.8pts-7.3rebs-1.7asts-0.8blks-83%)

(G) BlkManChess (2 games)

(G) Rigby (2 games)

Make It Happen will be joining Untitled in the PS5 finals. Their squad offers plenty of experience, logging 8 seasons worth of NBA 2K League action between Sherm, Dweq, DDouble, and PeteBeBallin. Rounding out the roster is season four power forward prospect, Dhuggz. Player averages (6 games) and final results below:

(Round One) Make It Happen def. Showout 2K

(Round Two) Make It Happen def. ButtaGang

(Round Three) Make It Happen def. Denial

(Round Four) Make It Happen def. Bright Lights

(G) Sherm (14.7pts-7.7asts-1.3stls-1.7tos-48%-47%)

(G) Dweq (8.83pts-1.5rebs-1ast-1stl-51%-56%)

(Lock) DDouble (8pts-1.7rebs-1.5stls-0.83blks-63%-56%)

(PF) Dhuggz (5.2pts-3.5rebs-0.83asts-1.83stls-0.67blks-63%-91%)

(C) PeteBeBallin (11.2pts-5.2rebs-2asts-1.5stls-0.67blks-74%-38%)

The Arrival (Xbox)

Notable Performances (Rounds 1-3, No Order)

AllHailTray: 31pts-4rebs-3asts-1stl (7-for-8 3PT)

Mo: 8pts-2rebs-7asts-2stls

Arsonal: 22pts-16rebs-6asts-1stl (11-for-12)

Spam1of1: 16pts-13asts (5-for-7)

Sick: 7pts-10rebs-7asts-3stls-1blk

JohnnyRed: 31pts-4asts-2stls (13-for-17)

DHG Shadow: 17pts-13rebs-3asts (7-for-7)

Malliano: 27pts-5asts (6-for-8 3PT)

DTrick: 9pts-11rebs-5asts-3stls-2blks

CB13: 19pts-12asts-1stl (7-for-9)

Syllable: 18pts-4rebs-1ast-1stl-1blk (7-for-9)

Saint: 18pts-3asts-4stls (7-for-9)

TreyDollaz: 28pts-ast (10-for-13)

Tayzo: 8pts-4asts-4stls

CooksOnFire: 27pts-10asts

Gradient: 15pts-2rebs-1ast-3stls (6-for-7)

Oreo: 12pts-6rebs-2stls-2blks (5-for-6)

PickSix: 25pts-reb-blk (7-for-10 3PT)

Killey: 25pts-2rebs-10asts-2stls-1blk

Deadeye: 7pts-6rebs-4asts-2stls

Shotti: 21pts-10asts (8-for-11)

BobbyBuckets: 20pts-3stls (8-for-8)

Majestic: 19pts-4rebs-3asts (8-for-10)

Potts: 4pts-8rebs-2asts-3stls-1blk

MindOfMamba: 34pts-2asts (6-for-9 3PT)

Finals Preview: Liquid vs. Earned Not Given

‘Liquid’ will square off with’ Earned Not Given’ in the finals on the Xbox side. Led by a young talented backcourt in JohnnyRed and Spam1of1, Liquid’s roster is rounded out with T-Wolves Gaming’s BigSaint and season four frontcourt prospects HOMI (PF) and Pat (C). Their path en route to the finals with player averages included (6 games):

(Round One) Liquid def. Camera Flexin’

(Round Two) Liquid def. TriggerHappy

(Round Three) Liquid def. Highly Regarded

(G) Spam1of1 (15.3pts-7asts-2.3tos-54%-47%)

(G) JohnnyRed (18.7pts-4.3asts-1.3stls-1.5tos-74%-72%)

(Lock) BigSaint (14.3pts-1reb-1.7asts-1.8stls-76%-74%)

(PF) HOMI (9.8pts-4.2rebs-0.8asts-0.7stls-59%-65%)

(C) Pat (6.2pts-6.5rebs-2.3asts-0.9blks-64%-45%)

On the other hand, ‘Earned Not Given’ took out a few high-profile squads on their way to the finals, taking down Underdogs, Kiss My Timbs, and Perceive Reality. EarnedNotGiven is a team filled with potential season four NBA 2K League players, rostering CooksOnFire, Notorious, Oreo, Fakiee, and DTrick. Their path en route to the finals with player averages included (4 games):

(Round One) Earned Not Given def. Underdogs

(Round Two) Earned Not Given def. Kiss My Timbs

(Round Three) Earned Not Given def. Perceive Reality

(G) CooksOnFire (23.75pts-6.75asts-0.5stls-2tos-63%-67%)

(G) Notorious (7.5pts-1.75asts-1stl-52%-43%)

(Lock) Oreo (5.75pts-4.25revs-0.75stls-0.75blks-53%-57%)

(PF) Fakiee (4.5pts-2.5rebs-1.75asts-1stl-0.5blks-46%-57%)

(C) DTrick (9.25pts-8.25rebs-2.75asts-1stl-1.5blks-74%)

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