September 16, 2021

Post Week Seven NBA 2K League: 10 Thoughts With Juice

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Post Week Seven NBA 2K League: 10 Thoughts With Juice

1) Every time I’ve watched T-Wolves Gaming play I see everyone smiling except for Saint. I don’t think I’ve even seen a smirk, but he’s been playing out of his mind, so do what you got to do I guess.

2) Steez is a bad man for the step-in pull-up green buzzer-beater for the win.

3) #Choc4MVP. I don’t care he’s just too much fun to watch, but I do miss the Crossover.

4) T-Wolves Gaming broke down Pacers Gaming in a bad way. They looked lost on the court, and I don’t think we’ve seen 630 struggle like that yet this season. I’m looking forward to this matchup down the stretch.

5) Idris returning to Pistons GT shouldn’t be taken lightly. We know what he’s done, should be a great addition to the squad for the time being.

6) I don’t personally watch Anime but Splashy and these gifs confuse me, but what I do know: he’s balling.

7) This has the potential to be the most eventful offseason in 2KL history. So many failures and mistakes during the season, I’m curious to see which teams care enough to make moves and reconstruct their rosters.

8) I don’t know how I feel about the Dimez trade as far as gameplay, but it’s really cool that he’s over there with Kenny and Cook.

9) Is Dayfri the NBA 2K League GOAT?

10) SlayIsland has balled out this year, very happy for him and NetsGC as a whole. Speaking of the NetsGC, did y’all see Twitter??? Nevermind. 

Ladies and gentlemen, I appreciate you stopping by, stay on the lookout for more content. You can find me on Twitter @xJuice2K, and until next time, peace.

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