Player Profile: DrippyYan

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Player Profile: DrippyYan

Yey’s Notes:

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Last updated April 27, 2021


  • WR Select champion
  • Dominican Republic FIBA Esports member
  • Hawks Talon GC League Tourney winner


  • Comfortable scoring the ball in the mid-range area
  • Greens his jumpshot consistently when he is able to get open
  • A sharp’s best friend; excels at hitting the off-ball guard on time and on target, often using small actions to get him open
  • Creating open looks for himself on the perimeter 


  • Sometimes, he appears to be “guess-passing”


  • Looks to work the offense from the right hash
  • Mainly looks for the quick stop going right
  • Going left, he’s aiming to get into the midrange or dunk the ball
  • Likes to get his sharp involved often

Prospect Grade: B

All in all, DrippyYan is already experiencing a fair amount of success in the pro-am scene. Once he can develop patience with the ball in his hands, he’ll begin to seperate himself from the rest of the pack.

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