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The NBA 2K League offseason is alive and well. Protections, trade windows, the ongoing retainment window, the draft… we’re going to keep track of everything right here, team-by-team.

(Last Updated November 25, 2020)

Important Dates:

Trade Window: November 11- November 30

Retainment Deadline: November 30

NBA 2K League Draft: TBD

76ers GC


Acquired OneWildWalnut (C) + No. 51 in exchange for Breadwinner (F/C) + Scretty (G)

Protections: Radiant (PG), Steez (G/F/C), OneWildWalnut (C)

Draft Selections: No. 12, No. 42, No. 49

Blazer5 Gaming


Acquired Dat Boy Shotz (F/C) + Bash (PG) in exchange for MamaImDatMan (PG) + OOC Slim (G)

Acquired Goofy (C), Randomz (G), and JoelLazu (G) in three-team deal with Grizz Gaming, NetsGC, sending away Dat Boy Shotz (F/C), No. 16, and No. 39

Acquired Breadwinner (F/C) + Scretty (G) in exchange for OneWildWalnut (C) + No. 51

Protections: Bash (PG), Scretty (G), Randomz (G), Breadwinner (F/C), Goofy (C), JoelLazu (G)

Draft Selections: N/A

Bucks Gaming

Trades: N/A

Protections: Regg (PG), Plondo (C), Arooks (G)

Draft Selections: No. 18, No. 37, and No. 54

Cavs Legion


Acquired oFab (PG) + No. 70 in exchange for No. 5 + No. 17

Acquired No. 21 via Raptors GC for AllHailTrey (F)

Protections: Godddof2k (G/F), Strainer (G), oFab (PG), AllHailTrey (F)

Draft Selections: No. 41, No. 62

Celtics Crossover Gaming


Acquired No. 5 + No. 17 in exchange for oFab (PG) + No. 68

Protections: FT (G), Bulley (G/F)

Draft Selections: No. 5, No. 6, No. 17, No. 28

Gen. G Tigers of Shanghai


Acquired Jmoney (PG) + Feast (C/F) + 2022 T-Wolves Gaming Second-Round Selection in exchange for ShiftyKaii (G) + No. 30 + Gen.G Tigers 2022 First-Round Selection

Acquired pick No. 35 from MavsGG in exchange for Gen (G)

Acquired 2022 First-Round Pick (BRK) and No. 47 from NetsGC in exchange for No. 35 and a 2022 Third-Round Pick (Gen.G)

Protections: TurnUpDefense (F/G), Jmoney (PG), Feast (C/F)

Draft Selections: No. 3, No. 44, No. 47

Grizz Gaming


Acquired 2021 draft selections No. 14, No. 16, and No. 39 from NetsGC and Blazer5 Gaming in exchange for Goofy (C), No. 33 and No. 56

Protections: Vandi (PG), AuthenticAfrican (F/C)

Draft Selections: No. 14, No. 16, No. 32, and No. 36

Hawks Talon GC

Trades: N/A

Protections: BP (PG), Kel (G), Lee (C)

Draft Selections: No. 11, No. 34, No. 48

Heat Check Gaming

Trades: N/A

Protections: Hotshot (C), Deedz (G/F), TBShiftay (G)

Draft Selections: No. 7, No. 29, No. 43

Hornets Venom GT


Acquired SickOne (C) from RaptorsGC in exchange for Type (C)

Acquired PeteBeBallin (C), Sherm (G), and draft selection No. 27 from MavsGG in exchange for SickOne (C), Zae (PF), and draft pick No. 15

Acquired No. 8 from Magic Gaming in exchange for Snubby (G)

Protections: Expose (G), Sherm (G/F), PeteBeBallin (C)

Draft Selections: No. 8, No. 15, No. 53

Jazz Gaming

Trades: N/A

Protections: Splashy (PG), Compete (G/F), Ria (C)

Draft Selections: No. 20, No. 56

Kings Guard Gaming


Acquired MamaImDatMan (PG) + OOC Slim (G) in exchange for Dat Boy Shotz (F/C) + Bash (PG)

Protections: MamaImDatMan (PG), Yusuf (C/F), Crush (G), Seemo (G)

Draft Selections: No. 19, No. 55

Knicks Gaming

Trades: N/A

Protections: Duck (PG), Malik (G), CantGuardRob (C)

Draft Selections: No. 9, No. 10, No. 46

Lakers Gaming

Trades: N/A

Protections: Sav (PG), Tactuk (G/F)

Draft Selections: No. 1, No. 24, No. 38, No. 60

Magic Gaming


Acquired Snubby (G) from Hornets Venom GT in exchange for No. 8

Protections: Reizey (PG), DT (F/C), May (F/C), Snubby (G)

Draft Selections: No. 31, No. 45

Mavs Gaming


Acquired SickOne (C), Zae (PF), and pick No. 27 from Hornets Venom GT in exchange for Sherm (G), PeteBeBallin (C), and pick No. 15

Acquired Gen (G) from Gen.G Tigers or Shanghai in exchange for pick No. 35

Protections: Dimez (PG), Zae (PF), SickOne (C), Gen (G)

Draft Selections: No. 27, No. 52



Acquired Jin (F) + No. 67 in exchange for Shuttles (C) + No. 60

Acquired JoelLazu (G) in exchange for Potts (F)

Acquired Dat Boy Shotz (F/C), No. 33, and No. 56 in exchange for Randomz (G), JoelLazu (G), and No. 14

Acquired No. 35 and 2022 Third-Round Pick (Gen.G) from Gen.G Tigers of Shanghai in exchange for No. 47 and 2022 First-Round Pick (BKN)

Protections: Choc (PG), Jin (F), Dat Boy Shotz (F/C)

Draft Selections: No. 33, No. 35, No. 58

Pacers Gaming

Trades: N/A

Protections: Wolf (F/C), Swizurk (G), Jomar (G/F/C)

Draft Selections: No. 2, No. 26, No. 40

Pistons GT

Trades: N/A

Protections: Ramo (F/C), Charger (G/F)

Draft Selections: No. 4, No. 25, No. 39, No. 61

Raptors Uprising GC


Acquired Type (C) from Hornets Venom GT in exchange for SickOne (C)

Acquired AllHailTrey (F) from Cavs Legion GC for No. 21

Protections: KennyGotWork (PG), TimelyCook (G), Type (C), ReeceMode (G), AllHailTrey (F)

Draft Selections: No. 57

T-Wolves Gaming


Acquired ShiftyKaii (PG) + No. 30 + Gen.G First-Round Selection in 2022 in exchange for Jmoney (G) and Feast (F/C)

Protections: ShiftyKaii (G), BearDaBeast (PG), BigSaint (G/F), Slaughter (C)

Draft Selections: No. 50, No. 51

Warriors Gaming Squad


Acquired Shuttles (C) and No. 60 in exchange for Jin (F) and No. 67

Acquired No. 13, No. 30, and a 2022 First-Round Pick (MIN) from T-Wolves Gaming in exchange for Slaughter (C), No. 53, and a 2022 Second-Round Pick (GSW)

Protections: CB13 (PG), BSmoove (G), Gradient (G/F)

Draft Selections: No. 13, No. 22, No. 30

Wizards District Gaming

Trades: N/A

Protections: JBM (PG), Newdini (G/F), Dayfri (C), JustAwkward (G/F)

Draft Selections: No. 23, No. 59

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