NBA 2K League Review (July 9)

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Trenton Reed: NBA 2K League Review (July 9)

Knicks Gaming vs. Raptors Uprising GC

Game One:  Knicks Gaming defeats Raptors Uprising GC, 72-67

Game Two:  Raptors Uprising GC defeats Knicks Gaming, 79-67

Keys to the Game

  • Raptors Uprising GC came out in game one with different jumpshots and position changes: Kenny remained at point guard, Reece at shooting guard, Timely Cook back on lockdown defender (SF, Two-Way Finisher), All Hail Trey at power forward, and Type at center
  • Duck did a good job at keeping the defense guessing. He worked the middle of the court on his three-point shots, and took his walk back midrange shots when available
  • Knicks Gaming had leads in both games, but they just couldn’t close it out down the stretch in game two

Matchup MVP: Duck (30.5ppg-9.5apg-3.5topg)

Bucks Gaming vs. Celtics Crossover Gaming

Game One:  Bucks Gaming defeats Celtics Crossover Gaming, 84-66

Game Two: Celtics Crossover Gaming defeats Bucks Gaming, 63-61

Keys to the Game

  • Regg played well and did a great job of mixing it up, taking his rim runs and threes from the right wing
  • A costly mistake from Bucks Gaming at the end of the 4th quarter when nobody guarded the inbounder led to Bully hitting a flick up midrange shot at the buzzer of game two
  • Solid team defense in the fourth quarter of game two helped Celtics Crossover Gaming propel their way to victory

Matchup MVP: Regg (27.0ppg-11.0apg-3.5topg)

Lakers Gaming vs. Gen. G Tigers

Game One: Gen G defeats Lakers Gaming, 88-63

Game Two: Gen G defeats Lakers Gaming, 88-70

Keys to the Game

  • Bohio had a strong first quarter in both games but really cooled off afterwards, leading to inconsistent offense for Lakers Gaming
  • It was the Bsmoove and Jmoney show as they combined for 112 points in the two games

Matchup MVP: Jmoney (23.5ppg-10apg-1.5topg)

Magic Gaming vs. Grizz Gaming

Game One: Magic Gaming defeats Grizz Gaming, 66-57

Game Two: Grizz Gaming defeats Magic Gaming, 75-73

Keys to the Game

  • It was a battle of the point guards in this series as Reizey did a great job of being able to get to get to his spots, also utilizing the fade to his left side on occasion 
  • Vandi did a great job of keeping his teammates involved as he put up 27 points and 15 assists in game two
  • Buzzer beater from Spartan after a great extra pass from Chess helped Grizz Gaming secure the win in game two

Matchup MVP:  Reizey (22.5ppg-10apg-3.5topg)

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