NBA 2K League Review (7/7)

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Trenton Reed: NBA 2K League Review (7/7)

Lakers Gaming vs Blazer5 Gaming

Game One: Blazer5 Gaming defeats Lakers Gaming, 87-70

Game Two: Blazer5 Gaming defeats Lakers Gaming, 85-72

Keys to the Game

  • Bash and Goofy worked the pick-and-roll offense effectively
  • Randomz did a great job keeping BOHIO in check by taking away his middle for the most part. BOHIO executed on a few moves that led to made three-pointers, but other than that, Randomz did a great job defensively.  
  • Krrazy was the lone bright spot for Lakers Gaming (13.0ppg-15.0rpg)

Matchup MVP:  Bash (29ppg-18.5apg)

Grizz Gaming vs Hornets Venom GT

Game One: Grizz Gaming defeats Hornets Venom GT, 82-63

Game Two:  Hornets Venom GT defeats Grizz Gaming, 60-55

Keys to the Game

  • Grizz Gaming was able to take advantage of Rigby dropping from the left corner frequently
  • Pick-and-roll defense has been a struggle at times with Crown out of the lineup
  • Rigby and Sherm were able to lead the team to victory in game two, combining for 52 of Hornets Venom GT’s total 60 points
  • Vandi and Authentic African were able to keep Hornets Venom GT guessing in the pick-and-roll in game one
  • Trap did a nice job of adjusting in game two, holding Vandi to just 14 points

Matchup MVP:  Vandi (23.5ppg-10.5apg)

Pistons GT vs Bucks Gaming

Game One: Pistons GT defeats Bucks Gaming, 77-75

Game Two: Pistons GT defeats Bucks Gaming, 79-71

Keys to the Game

  • Radiant was able to work in the high pick-and-roll effectively with Ramo, witch led to Radiant being able to work freely behind the three point line. One of the best at creating and shooting off of the dribble, he was able to routinely create enough space, keeping Bucks Gaming guessing all night long.
  • Consistent improvement week after week for Milo: 14 points on 5-for-8 shooting, including 5-for-7 from three-point range in game two
  • Ramo was doing ramo things in this series, averaging 19 points and 10.5 rebounds per game

Matchup MVP:  Radiant (30.0ppg-15.0apg-3.0topg)

Kings Guard Gaming vs Celtics Crossover Gaming

Game One:  Kings Guard Gaming defeats Celtics Crossover Gaming, 63-52

Game Two: Kings Guard Gaming defeats Celtics Crossover Gaming, 81-66

Keys to the Game

  • Crush did a great job of taking away the middle of the court from WalkingBucket
  • Mama seems to have found his groove as of late, recording consecutive double-doubles
  • Offensive consistency struggles for Celtics Crossover Gaming

Matchup MVP: MamaImDatMan (25.5ppg-11.5apg-2.0topg)

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