NBA 2K League Review (6/25)

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Trenton Reed: NBA 2K League Review (6/25)

Pistons GT vs Mavs Gaming

Game One: Pistons GT defeats Mavs Gaming, 68-65

Game Two: Mavs Gaming defeats Pistons GT, 74-72

Keys to the Game:

  • Radiant did a fantastic job utilizing the fade to the left side in order to get himself open successfully, including a buzzer beater three pointer at the end of game one. Radiant also did a good job of working in the pick-and-roll with Ramo to keep Mavs Gaming’s defense off balance
  • Dimez did a great job of being aggressive and trusting his teammates to hit some big shots when it counted. Dimez finished with 30 points and 8 assists in game one.
  • A huge miss on a wide-open three in the corner from Mr. Stylez with 1.5 seconds left in game one ultimately kept Mavs Gaming from sweeping Pistons GT.

Matchup MVP: Radiant (30ppg-10.5apg-3.5topg)

Wizards District Gaming vs Grizz Gaming

Game One: Wizards District Gaming defeats Grizz Gaming, 72-50

Game Two: Wizards District Gaming defeats Grizz Gaming, 73-66

Keys to the Game:

  • Grizz Gaming uncharacteristically struggled defensively, giving up 73 points while the offense only scored 58 points
  • JBM did a great job managing Wizards District Gaming, in control of the pace all night long. He worked the pick-and-roll effectively and took what the defense gave him.

Blazer 5 Gaming vs Kings Guard Gaming

Game One: Kings Guard Gaming defeats Blazer 5 Gaming, 86-67

Game Two: Kings Guard Gaming defeats Blazer 5 Gaming, 78-63

Keys to the Game:

  • Mama did a great job creating opportunities for himself, but also consistently called out cuts and threw corner passes when Breadwinner dropped from the corner.
  • For B5, they didn’t look good at all last night. The defense was there at times but the offense failed to show up. They were just never quite able to find the right answers last night.
  • Yusuf put up back-to-back double-double performances. He was aggressive in the paint and did a solid job on the glass (16ppg-11.5rpg-3apg)

Matchup MVP:  MamaImDatMan (23.5ppg-12apg-1.5 topg)

Celtics Crossover Gaming vs Nets GC

Game One:  Nets GC defeats Celtics Crossover Gaming, 92-73

Game Two: Nets GC defeats Celtics Crossover Gaming, 85-70

Keys to the Game:

  • Dante played well defensively holding WalkingBucket to 46% from the field while picking up 7 combined steals
  • NetsGC’s high-powered offense was able to take advantage of Celtics Crossover Gaming’s defensive breakdowns
  • Shotz was doing Shotz things as he was able to dominate in the paint and on the glass to the tune of 29 points, 17 rebounds, and 2 assists per game.

Matchup MVP: Shotz (29ppg-17rpg-2apg)

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