NBA 2K League Review (6/23)

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Trenton Reed: NBA 2K League Review (6/23)

Cavs Legion GC vs. T-Wolves Gaming 

Game One: Cavs Legion GC def. T-Wolves Gaming, 85-83

Game Two: Cavs Legion GC def. T-Wolves Gaming, 92-89

Keys to the Game:

  • Aggressive mentally from Fab, still passed up some open shots but it was good to see him actively looking to score
  • DLAW played well down low (14.5ppg-11.5rpg)
  • Small but costly mistakes defensively for T-Wolves Gaming 

Matchup MVP: Fab (42.5ppg-6.5apg)

Mavs Gaming vs. Bucks Gaming 

Game One: Bucks Gaming def. Mavs Gaming, 81-70

Game Two: Bucks Gaming def. Mavs Gaming, 75-71

Keys to the Game:

  • First game for Bucks Gaming since trading Arooks to 76ers GC in exchange for Caliraq and a 2022 first-round pick
  • This was the first time all season where we really saw Regg step up to the table and control the game. In previous games, he appeared to lack confidence and failed to be the dominant scorer and great facilitator like he had been in the past.
  • Plondo played well on both ends of the floor 
  • With the trade of Arooks, Lotty moved over to shooting guard and played really well

Matchup MVP: Regg (32.5ppg-9.5apg-2topg)

Heat Check Gaming vs. Gen.G Tigers

Game One:  Heat Check Gaming def. Gen.G Tigers, 77-67

Game Two:  Gen.G Tigers def. Heat Check Gaming, 79-77

Keys to the Game:

  • Sav did a great job of working the pick-and-roll with Hotshot. He was able to get buckets at will in both games and trusted his teammates to hit their open looks.
  • Sav did a good job limiting his turnovers
  • Solid big man play from both teams 

Matchup MVP: Sav (44.5ppg-8apg-2.5topg)

Warriors Gaming Squad vs Blazer 5 Gaming

Game One:  Warriors Gaming Squad def. Blazer5 Gaming, 68-59

Game Two: Blazer 5 Gaming def. Warriors Gaming Squad, 83-59

Keys to the Game:

  • Antoine took over in game one scoring 29 points on 11-for-16 shooting, including 6-for-10 from three-point range
  • Defensive adjustments in game two from Blazer5 Gaming: moving Bash to defend the corner and Scretty to defend the hash helped limit Antoine to 7 points and 5 turnovers

Matchup MVP: Goofy (14ppg-12.5rpg)

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