NBA 2K League Retainment List

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NBA 2K League Retainment Period (Following 2020 Season)

With the retainment period coming to a close on November 30, we put together a list of which players went retained or unretained following the 2020 season. List below:

(Updated November 30, 2020)

76ers GC

Retained: Radiant (PG), OneWildWalnut (C), Steez (G/F)

Unretained: UserPick (F), TuckerLocksUp (F/C)

Blazer5 Gaming

Retained: Bash (PG), JoelLazu (G), Scretty (G), Randomz (G/F), Breadwinner (F/C), Goofy (C)

Unretained: Majestic (G/F)

Bucks Gaming

Retained: Regg (PG), Arooks (G), Plondo (C)

Unretained: Squidris (F), Ty (G), ChaChingSingh

Cavs Legion GC

Retained: Godddof2k (G/F), oFab (PG), Strainer (G)

Unretained: JoshJay (G/F), oLarry (C/F), Doza (G)

Celtics Gaming Crossover

Retained: FT (G), Bulley (G/F)

Unretained: MelEast (G/F), No Autographs (C/F), Moam (G), TooxCool (C/F)

Gen.G Tigers of Shanghai

Retained: Jmoney (PG), TurnUpDefense (G/F), Feast (F/C)

Unretained: Deadeye (F/C), Killey (G), Lucky (C)

Grizz Gaming

Retained: Vandi (PG), AuthenticAfrican (G/F/C)

Unretained: Ddouble (F), Jrod (G), Potts (F)

Hawks Talon GC

Retained: BP (PG), Kel (G), Lee (C)

Unretained: Stylez (G/F), FollowTheGod (G/F), Arkele (G)

Heat Check Gaming

Retained: Hotshot (C), Deedz (G), Shiftay (G/F)

Unretained: Delusion (G), King Peroxide (G/F), GlennRatty (PG)

Hornets Venom GT

Retained: Expose (G), Sherm (G/F), PeteBeBallin (C)

Unretained: Trap (G/F), Gliz (F)

Jazz Gaming

Retained: Splashy (PG), Yeah I Compete (G/F), Ria (C), Lord Beezus (F)

Unretained: Lotty (G), GetOnMyLevel (G)

Kings Guard Gaming

Retained: Seemo (G), MamaImDatMan (PG), Yusuf (F/C), Crush (G/F)

Unretained: Nasthetic (G), OOC Slim (G)

Knicks Gaming

Retained: Duck (PG), Original Malik (G), CantGuardRob (C)

Unretained: Truth (F), BigRim (G/F), HazzaUK (F/C)

Lakers Gaming

Retained: Sav (PG), Tactuk (G/F)

Unretained: Vert (F/C), Kev (G), Mootyy (F/C), Dweq (G/F)

Magic Gaming

Retained: Reizey (PG), DT (G/F/C), May (F/C), Snubby (G)

Unretained: Toxsik (G/F), Profusion (G), DJBama (G)

Mavs Gaming

Retained: Dimez (PG), Sick One (C), Zae (PF), Gen (G)

Unretained: Mo (G/F), Sleetys (G/F), Spartan (F)


Retained: Choc (PG), Jin (F/G), Dat Boy Shotz (F/C)

Unretained: Wavy (G), Chess (G)

Pacers Gaming

Retained: Wolf (G/F/C), Swizurk (G), Jomar (G/F/C)

Unretained: NateKahl (G/F), Bohio (PG), Bobby Buckets (G/F)

Pistons GT

Retained: Charger (G/F), Ramo (F/C)

Unretained: DevGoss (G), Demon JT (PG), Joseph (F), LykaPro (G)

Raptors Uprising GC

Retained: Kenny Got Work (PG), Timely Cook (G/F), Type (C), ReeceMode (G), AllHailTrey (F)

Unretained: Wuan (F/C), Legit 973 (F)

T-Wolves Gaming

Retained: ShiftyKaii (G), BearDaBeast (PG), BigSaint (G/F), Slaughter (C)

Unretained: Detoxys (F), Jojo (G/F)

Warriors Gaming Squad

Retained: CB13 (PG), Gradient (G/F), Bsmoove (G)

Unretained: Shuttles (C), Matty (F)

Wizards District Gaming

Retained: JBM (PG), Just Awkward (G/F), Newdini (F), Dayfri (C)

Unretained: Brich (G/F), ReeseDaGod (G)

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