NBA 2K League Draft Pool Tracker

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NBA 2K League Draft Pool Tracker (Season Four)

The NBA 2K League is switching up how the draft process works this offseason. Players will compete in NBA 2K League team hosted tournaments with the ultimate prize being 6 Prospect Badges (5 to winning team and 1 wildcard).

Below are two lists of draft-eligible players. One for rookie prospects; one for unretained 2K League players.

(Updated December 7, 2020)

Rookie Prospects

Point Guards

Deron / Ceez, HVG Tournament

AntSZN, HVG Tournament

CooksOnFire, NetsGC Tournament

FantaSZN, CLTX Gaming Tournament

Dailee, CLTX Gaming Tournament

Draco, Wizards District Gaming Tournament

HoodieDre_, Wizards District Gaming Tournament

xNotDP, Magic Gaming Tournament

ReaIGreenlight, Grizz Gaming Tournament

RigbyCB, Grizz Gaming Tournament

lllantoinelll, Texas Ticket Tournament

oCubann, Texas Ticket Tournament

AWalkingBucket, NetsGC Tournament

Highkeyy__, Raptors Uprising GC Tournament

BamdaGoat, Blazer5 Gaming Tournament

HoodFavMamba, PistonsGT ‘Road To Pro’ Tournament

SymeIo, Pistons GT ‘Road to Pro’ Tournament

AdoreHaad, Knicks Gaming Tournament

xJvmper, Knicks Gaming Tournament

OH Yeaaa Ant / GR3ATN3SSS, Magic Gaming ‘Orlando Open’ Tournament

DrippyYan, Hawks Talon GC ‘Showdown in the A’ Tournament

GreenTooNice76ers GC Tournament 

DameGoated76ers GC Tournament

xShotti, BucksGG Tournament

DamnStuss, KingsGG Tournament

GoonerEU, BucksGG Tournament

OaklandRose0, Cavs Legion GC Tournament


630 / OG Sav, HVG Tournament

EG4Hunnid, HVG Tournament

AntoineLove, CLTX Gaming Tournament

Witness, CLTX Gaming Tournament

AlwaysFaiz, Wizards District Gaming Tournament

Caliraq, Wizards District Gaming Tournament

ShawnWin2k, Magic Gaming Tournament

RabbTiller2K, Grizz Gaming Tournament

RipxRell, Grizz Gaming Tournament

UNiiiT_, Texas Ticket Tournament

FeakyADB, Texas Ticket Tournament

kingmizzark, Texas Ticket Tournament

Harby1K_, NetsGC Tournament

Goldstrap, Raptors Uprising GC Tournament

KiiNGxDooMs, Blazer5 Gaming Tournament

___Breezo, PistonsGT ‘Road To Pro’ Tournament

Safiya4ya, Pistons GT ‘Road to Pro’ Tournament

NikeHoodii, Knicks Gaming Tournament

PickSix9535, Knicks Gaming Tournament

ImPeja, Magic Gaming ‘Orlando Open’ Tournament

SubXo__, Hawks Talon GC ‘Showdown in the A’ Tournament

WorIdWideDrop76ers GC Tournament

Fxnessxd76ers GC Tournament

Slezyy1, BucksGG Tournament

ManInACar, KingsGG Tournament

WelshJordy, BucksGG Tournament

MaiTV, Cavs Legion GC Tournament


vKraxy, HVG Tournament

ZakyyChan, HVG Tournament

Putback, NetsGC Tournament

Gunz, NetsGC Tournament

Pexile, CLTX Gaming Tournament

Dawsix, CLTX Gaming Tournament

Tayzo, Wizards District Gaming Tournament

Whatsstick, Wizards District Gaming Tournament

Goon_2k, Magic Gaming Tournament

Notoriousvv, Grizz Gaming Tournament

FutureClutch2k, Grizz Gaming Tournament

Munchho, Texas Ticket Tournament

DCFrom850, NetsGC Tournament

IsoAIR_, Raptors Uprising GC Tournament

UnderRatedGoat_, Blazer5 Gaming Tournament

TheViIle, PistonsGT ‘Road To Pro’ Tournament

IcyHill, Pistons GT ‘Road to Pro’ Tournament

Logic_Stark, Knicks Gaming Tournament

IcyyThaGoat, Knicks Gaming Tournament

GrammyUS, Magic Gaming ‘Orlando Open’ Tournament

_JLOTTO_, Hawks Talon GC ‘Showdown in the A’ Tournament

Callmehitmann76ers GC Tournament

lookitsFOX76ers GC Tournament

Tazological, BucksGG Tournament

naderisland, KingsGG Tournament

philthegoat24, BucksGG Tournament

ColeWorldx901, Cavs Legion GC Tournament

Power Forwards

NoLoveZar, HVG Tournament

Snagaholic, HVG Tournament

Fakiee, NetsGC Tournament

BxmpyDon, CLTX Gaming Tournament

KompK, CLTX Gaming Tournament

KayAus, Wizards District Gaming Tournament

llCBIl, Wizards District Gaming Tournament

Dhuggzz00, Magic Gaming Tournament

KerryJr_, Grizz Gaming Tournament

Jayynumero6, Grizz Gaming Tournament

VB_BigPerm, Texas Ticket Tournament

Merc2k, Texas Ticket Tournament

oCASSlUS, NetsGC Tournament

Dunnoee1, Raptors Uprising GC Tournament

AboutTG, Blazer5 Gaming Tournament

MylesBallin, PistonsGT ‘Road To Pro’ Tournament

_JustBucketz, Pistons GT ‘Road to Pro’ Tournament

llBaseII, Knicks Gaming Tournament

DiorKicks, Knicks Gaming Tournament

StraightClout5, Magic Gaming ‘Orlando Open’ Tournament

JeremySeese_, Hawks Talon GC ‘Showdown in the A’ Tournament

ClearCub76ers GC Tournament

Anklez_76ers GC Tournament

Jolo2k, BucksGG Tournament

oJustus, KingsGG Tournament

xoLebr0n, BucksGG Tournament

iamDvpe, Cavs Legion GC Tournament

KevDontMiss, 2020 NetsGC Replacement Player


GloTheReal, HVG Tournament

IIGLOII, HVG Tournament

YooDrake, NetsGC Tournament

TopTierCrown, CLTX Gaming Tournament

Brytside, CLTX Gaming Tournament

OMGDontLose, Wizards District Gaming Tournament

TrustDjMoney, Wizards District Gaming Tournament

Jaaakob_NA, Magic Gaming Tournament

DTrick__, Grizz Gaming Tournament

xjZurg, Grizz Gaming Tournament

BigMFReign, Texas Ticket Tournament

Arsonalx, Texas Ticket Tournament

sawcfree, NetsGC Tournament

Burnurr2k, Raptors Uprising GC Tournament

worthingcolt_, Blazer5 Gaming Tournament

xoWale, PistonsGT ‘Road To Pro’ Tournament

KingCamRoyalty, Pistons GT ‘Road to Pro’ Tournament

Raw_TaLeNTz_3, Knicks Gaming Tournament

ProdigyJm03, Knicks Gaming Tournament

waynedgraham, Magic Gaming ‘Orlando Open’ Tournament

imjarsity, Hawks Talon GC ‘Showdown in the A’ Tournament

CiroC_2K76ers GC Tournament

TTurboXXL76ers GC Tournament

IIPatll, BucksGG Tournament

scojacob, KingsGG Tournament

avemario32, BucksGG Tournament

FlyDragon, Cavs Legion GC Tournament

Unretained Prospects


Ty, BucksGG

Doza, Cavs Legion GC

Moam, Celtics Crossover Gaming

Killey, Gen.G Tigers of Shanghai

Jrod, Grizz Gaming

Arkele, Hawks Talon GC

Delusion, Heat Check Gaming

GlennRatty, Heat Check Gaming

Lotty, Jazz Gaming

GetOnMyLevel, Jazz Gaming

Kev, Lakers Gaming

Dweq, Lakers Gaming

Nasthetic, Kings Guard Gaming

OOC Slim, Kings Guard Gaming

Profusion, Magic Gaming

DJBama, Magic Gaming

Wavy, NetsGC

Chess, NetsGC

BOHIO, Pacers Gaming

DevGoss, Pistons GT

DemonJT, Pistons GT

LykaPro, Pistons GT

ReeseDaGod, Wizards District Gaming

Brich, Wizards District Gaming

Rando, NetsGC


UserPick, 76ers GC

ChaChingSingh, BucksGG

Majestic, Blazer5 Gaming

JoshJay, Cavs Legion GC

MelEast, Celtics Crossover Gaming

Potts, Grizz Gaming

Stylez, Hawks Talon GC

FollowTheGod, Hawks Talon GC

King Peroxide, Heat Check Gaming

Trap, Hornets Venom GT

Gliz, Hornets Venom GT

Truth, Knicks Gaming

BigRim, Knicks Gaming

Toxsik, Magic Gaming

Mo, Mavs Gaming

Sleetys, Mavs Gaming

NateKahl, Pacers Gaming

BobbyBuckets, Pacers Gaming

Joseph, Pistons GT

Dr. JoJo, T-Wolves Gaming

Matty, Warriors Gaming Squad


TuckerLocksUp, 76ers GC

Squidris, BucksGG

oLarry, Cavs Legion GC

NoAutographs, Celtics Crossover Gaming

TooCool, Celtics Crossover Gaming

Deadeye, Gen.G Tigers of Shanghai

Lucky, Gen.G Tigers of Shanghai

Ddouble, Grizz Gaming

HazzaUK, Knicks Gaming

Vert, Lakers Gaming

Mootyy, Lakers Gaming

Spartan, Mavs Gaming

Wuan, Raptors Uprising GC

Legit 973, Raptors Uprising GC

Detoxys, T-Wolves Gaming

Shuttles, Warriors Gaming Squad

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