NBA 2K League Draft Day Blueprints: Part One

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NBA 2K League Draft Day Blueprints: Part One (Mavs Gaming, Cavs Legion GC, Bucks Gaming, DUX Gaming, Heat Check Gaming, Celtics Crossover Gaming)

Mavs Gaming

Retainments: C SickOne, PF Zae

Draft Selections: #1, #25, #27

MavsGG had a very underwhelming season, and although there were glimpses of hope, they could never truly gel together. Now it seems they are in full rebuild mode, shipping Dimez for an early second-round pick midseason. So, where do they go from here?

With the first overall pick, I could see the Mavs taking Zay, JohhnyRed, or Greens. Here’s the reasoning for each of them:

Zay: Zay instantly impacts the defensive end and brings two-way playmaker ability alongside two of the best in the league. Both Sick and Zae are very underrated in that aspect. The combination of Zay, Zae, and Sick ensures plenty of offensive options for the Mavs, making it safe to grab a PG in the early second round (#25 or #27).

JohhnyRed: JohhnyRed brings the scoring this team lacked last year. Although JR is a natural SG, I believe he would transition well to the PG spot alongside a great 2K mind in Sick, and a great scoring option at PF in Zae.

Greens: Greens is the most interesting pick. In my opinion, he’s probably the rawest prospect considered to be a surefire top-five pick. Although he brings scoring and playmaking, he can get inside his own head. It would take some time for the Mavs to gel him into the system.

Cavs Legion GC

Retainments: PG oFAB, C/F DLAW, F BiG RiM

Draft Selections: #2, #28

The Cavs had a slower start to the year. The offense didn’t live up to expectations and the defense was very lackluster all around. By the time they had improved, it was too late. So what do the Cavs need to address first?

With the Cavs jumping up to the second pick in the draft, I could see them taking Zay or JohhnyRed.

Zay: Like the Mavs, Zay would instantly improve the Cavs’ defense. He is a gamechanger with his ability to make plays on both sides of the court. A good comparison would be Crush, but I would give the offensive advantage to Zay.

JohhnyRed: I would love this pick for the Cavs because I think JR fits perfectly with the core of guys in Cleveland. The only thing is that he would have to get accustomed to being more of a secondary/spot-up player. Fab is ball-dominant, but as the season goes on that could change.

Bucks Gaming

Retainments: C Plondo

Draft Selections: #3, #4, #14, #23

The Bucks are in a very interesting spot with three first-round picks. I could see them going backcourt heavy with the first two picks at #3 and #4. Cooks, Greens, and Gallo would be the three players I have my eye on.

Gallo: This is one prospect who has shot up boards this year, and for good reason. He controls the offensive pace very well and can play both sides of the ball. I would think he’d be a more natural SG in the league, but I don’t doubt he could be a solid PG if asked.

Cooks: I think Cooks is still very underthought of but he showed he can make things work last season with Pistons GT. I believe he could be a very good league PG if given the keys. If the Bucks paired him with Gallo, I would like to see Cooks at PG and Gallo at SG.

Greens: If Greens is still available, I think they should scoop him up and pair him with Gallo, unless Zay falls as well. If both Greens and Zay were to fall, BucksGG could be looking at a roster of Greens, Zay, and Plondo with their next pick at #14. With the 14th pick, I would love for them to take Kayaus or Merc. Two proven players that would help solidify their defense.

DUX Gaming

Expansion Draft: G Killeyy, F/C Beezus, C/F AveMario

Draft Selections: #5, #26

DUX is set up nicely here for their first selection at fifth overall. They could very easily go with another guard to compliment Killeyy, and Cooks or Unguardable would be my top two choices.

Cooks: Cooks would be the best fit here. The combination of Cooks and Killeyy brings this team a solid backcourt. Although I do think they will need to be one of the best offenses to make the playoffs, Cooks is the safest pick here at fifth overall.

Unguardable: Now this might seem like a little bit of a reach at fifth overall, but not as much as you may think. Personally, I don’t think we’ve really seen Unguardable at his best. He’s shown he can score with ease, along with the ability to utilize his SG for success on the offensive end. Can he translate that skillset over to the league is my biggest question.

Heat Check Gaming

Retainments: PG oSAV

Draft Selections: #6, #8, #11, #43

Famous is all in on this draft class and I don’t blame him. Trading Hotshot and TB was necessary, not because they are bad players, but because it simply wasn’t working in the 305. With three lottery selections (#6, #8, and #11) the Heat are in a great position for a full roster revamp.

TrustDJMoney: DJ is the best center prospect in this class hands down, and he has been proving it for years. The only question mark around DJ is his attitude, but I think he has done a great job of carrying himself since the season four draft. I think DJ is a no-brainer to be the first center off the board.

Unguardable: With eighth overall, this would be a good pickup to fill Miami’s SG role. Unguardable would be great for Heat Check, bringing them the scoring and playmaking they’d need if Sav has a cold streak.

BigSaint: 11th overall is the perfect time to snag Saint. He’s vocal, a two-way playmaker, and isn’t afraid of the moment. A proven vet in the first round alongside two rookies would be a great rebuild on the fly for Heat Check Gaming.

Celtics Crossover Gaming

Retainments: PG FTW, SF TayZo, C/F Colt

Draft Selections: #9, #30

The Celtics are a very tricky team, and with ninth overall, I would like to see them to take an interchangeable guard. FTW proved to score a lot easier on SG, and he’s more of a natural scorer rather than PG to begin with. Both AntSzn and TreyDollaz make sense here.

AntSzn: Ant is a very talented 2K player and would bring instant two-way playmaking to Boston. This would force FTW to move to SG but I think that would be the best fit for the Celtics.

TreyDollaz: Now if they don’t want to move FTW off of PG, Trey is great fit. He is a great off-ball player, with a special ability to get open with or without the ball. He would be a perfect FTW bailout, along with being a very hungry player considering this would be his first season in the league.

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