NapX PS5 Finals: Team Dayfri & Dirk vs. Team Goofy & Champ

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Tonight, the NapX Prospect Showcase finals took place. For PS5, Team Dayfri & Dirk (Dre-Caliraq-UnderratedGoat-Zar-Reign) faced off with Team Goofy & Champ (Fanta-BOHIO-MikeSwann-Spartan-ForeverPolo). Final results, statistics, short summaries, and highlights (at the end) available below:

Dayfri & Dirk vs. Goofy & Champ

NapX Prospect Showcase Finals (best-of-three)

Full series:

Dayfri & Dirk

(PG) Dre

(SG) Caliraq

(Lock) UnderratedGoat

(PF) Zar

(C) Reign

Goofy & Champ

(PG) Fanta


(Lock) MikeSwann

(PF) Spartan

(C) ForeverPolo

Game One: Goofy & Champ (54)- Dayfri & Dirk (49)

Game one was an offensive struggle for both sides. Team Dayfri and Dirk took the advantage early but Fanta and co. just kept chipping away, ultimately resulting in a close win. Starting center, ForeverPolo, stuffed the stat sheet to the tune of 19 points (8-for-11), 7 rebounds, 3 assists, 1 steal, and 1 block.

Fanta (18pts-3asts), BOHIO (10pts-3rebs-3asts-stl-blk), Swann (7pts-stl-blk), Spartan (2rebs-3asts-2stls), Polo (19pts-7rebs-stl-blk)

Dre (17pts-6asts), Caliraq (6pts-3rebs-2stls), UnderratedGoat (10pts-stl-blk), Zar (4pts-5rebs), Reign (12pts-3rebs-2asts)

Game Two: Goofy & Champ (56)- Dayfri & Dirk (51)

Another chippy contest for these pair of squads. Team Goofy & Champ ended the game on an 11-1 run, countering Team Dayfri & Dirk’s strong fourth quarter start and completing the 2-0 sweep. In the final minutes, the team’s defense was nearly flawless, with both MikeSwann and Spartan making game-altering plays on that end of the floor. To ice the game, the Fanta-ForeverPolo pick-and-roll produced a wide-open Fanta midrange jumper, sealing the deal for Team Goofy & Champ.

Starting lockdown defender, MikeSwann, registered at least one steal and one block in each game, including 4 steals and 3 blocks in the decisive game two.

Fanta (22pts-8asts), BOHIO (8pts-stl-blk), Swann (6pts-4stls-3blks), Spartan (10pts-4rebs-2stls), Polo (10pts-11rebs-3asts)

Dre (17pts-12asts), Caliraq (8pts-4rebs), UnderratedGoat (3pts-stl), Zar (9pts-3rebs-stl), Reign (14pts-6rebs-2blks)

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