NapX Prospect Showcase: PS5 Preview & Predictions

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The NapX Prospect Showcase is officially here. This week, teams will square off in a round-robin style tournament to determine who will meet in the finals, where a winner and MVP will be crowned. Important information, rosters, previews, and predictions below.

Important Dates

January 27: PS5 Round-Robin

January 29: Xbox Round-Robin

January 31: NapX Prospect Showcase Finals

Roster Previews (PS5)

Team Dayfri + Dirk

PG: HoodieDre

SG: Caliraq

SF: UnderratedGoat

PF: Zar

C: BigReign

Judging from my Twitter timeline, this probably isn’t a bold statement, but If Vegas had odds for this tournament, Dayfri and Dirk’s squad would be the favorite on the PS5 side (respectfully). A backcourt filled with top-prospect talent in Hoodie Dre and Caliraq, surrounded by a frontcourt made up of UnderratedGoat, Zar, and BigReign might be the most ‘complete’ starting five on the Xbox side. We’ll see how they look when it’s tipoff time.

Team Malik + Firesticks

PG: Cuban

SG: Unit

SF: Follow

PF: xoLebron

C: TopTierCrown

Malik and Firesticks (well, mostly Firesticks) put together an impressive starting five as well. They matched Dayfri’s and Dirk’s frontcourt, stockpiling it with quality talent in Follow, xoLebron, and TopTierCrown. While Cuban and Unit might not be as ‘flashy’ as the HoodieDre x Caliraq backcourt, I could see their unique playstyles meshing together really well. Again, we’ll see come tipoff, but I have this team playing in the finals on Sunday.

Team Sam + Crush

PG: Greenlight

SG: Chess

SF: Fox

PF: BumpyDon

C: DJMoney

I don’t think we should sleep on this squad at all. Led by point guard prospect Greenlight, the roster is rounded out with former NetsGC sharpshooter Chess, Ballistic lockdown defender Fox (I thought I got drafted for a second), Defiance’s BumpyDon and finally, DJMoney, who was partially selected because Crush just couldn’t allow him to fall to HoodieDre’s team. Their pick-and-roll is that feared. If DJMoney and Greenlight can get on the same page early and replicate some of that success, look out.

Team Champ + Goofy

PG: Fanta


SF: MikeSwann

PF: Spartan

C: ForeverPolo

This roster is the most interesting in my opinion. The Fanta x BOHIO backcourt is intriguing. While others wonder how it will work, I’m thinking about just how dangerous it could be. If you’ve watched Fanta play with LAFN, you know he’s fine with giving up the ball to let Malik work. The pairing will work just fine, and I expect it to be a lot better than fine. The roster is rounded out with top power-forward prospect Spartan, and a pair of rookie prospects in ForeverPolo and MikeSwann.

PS5 Predictions


Team Dayfri and Dirk defeat Team Malik and Firesticks in the finals; HoodieDre wins tournament MVP.


Team Dayfri and Dirk defeat Team Goofy and Champ in the finals; BigReign wins tournament MVP.

Paul B

Team Dayfri and Dirk defeat Team Goofy and Champ in the finals; HoodieDre wins tournament MVP

Tentative Schedule

Wednesday January 27, 2021 (PS5 Tipoff)

(7 P.M.) Team Dayfri + Dirk vs. Team Malik + Firesticks

(7 P.M.) Team Crush + Sam vs. Team Goofy + Champ

(8 P.M.) Team Goofy + Champ vs. Team Dayfri + Dirk

(8 P.M.) Team Malik + Firesticks vs. Team Crush + Sam

(9 P.M.) Team Dayfri + Dirk vs. Team Crush + Sam

(9 P.M.) Team Malik + Firesticks vs. Team Goofy + Champ

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