NapX Prospect Invitational Xbox Finals Review

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Tonight, the NapX Prospect Showcase finals took place. For Xbox, Team Crush & SSWI (Deron-Faiz-Dawsix-Fakiee-Wale) faced off with Team Firesticks & Malik (Shotti-Breezo-Tayzo-HOMI-Arsonal). Final results, statistics, short summaries, and highlights (at the end) available below:

Firesticks & Malik vs. Crush & SSWI

NapX Prospect Showcase Finals (best-of-three)

Full Series:

Firesticks & Malik

(PG) Shotti

(SG) Breezo

(Lock) Tayzo


(C) Arsonal

Crush & SSWI

(PG) Deron

(SG) Faiz

(Lock) Dawsix

(PF) Fakiee

(C) Wale

Game One: Crush & SSWI (60)- Firesticks & Malik (49)

Led by a strong frontcourt performance between Fakiee (18pts, 6-for-6) and Wale (19pts-8rebs), Team Crush & SSWI took the first game of the series. Their defense forced four out of five opposing starters to shoot 50% or worse, surrendering just 49 points. Deron finished with his second double-double of the tournament, registering 13 points and 13 assists.

Deron (13pts-13asts-2stls), Faiz (3pts-ast), Dawsix (7pts-2asts-blk), Fakiee (18pts-reb), Wale (19pts-8rebs-stl-blk)

Shotti (17pts-7asts), Breezo (9pts), Tayzo (7pts-3stls), HOMI (8pts-6rebs), Arsonal (8pts-12rebs-4asts-2stls)

Game Two: Crush & SSWI (65)Firesticks & Malik (51)

Team Crush & SSWI got hot in the third quarter, extending their modest halftime lead to 10 by the beginning of the final frame. It was a healthy dose of Deron (36pts) and Wale (8asts) on the offensive end, while the team’s defense allowed just 51 or fewer points in back-to-back contests.

Deron (36pts-5asts), Faiz (3pts-reb), Dawsix (8pts-3rebs), Fakiee (14pts-8rebs), Wale (4pts-10rebs-8asts-stl)

Shotti (16pts-8asts), Breezo (14pts-blk), Tayzo (6pts-2stls), HOMI (5rebs-ast), Arsonal (15pts-6rebs-4asts)

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