NapX Prospect Invitational: Draft Recap

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Last night, NapX hosted the draft for their upcoming Prospect Invitational. The tournament is round-robin style featuring 4 teams per console (PS5 + XBX). For each console, the two teams with the best records will face off in a finals matchup. Winning teams and tournament MVP’s receive cash prizes. Team GM’s and coaches include NBA 2K Leaguer’s Goofy, Dayfri, Crush, and Malik, as well as NBA 2K community personalities Champ, Dirk, Firesticks, and SSWI Gaming.

Important Dates

January 26, 2021 – Round-Robin begins

January 31, 2021 – Championship Series

Here are the PS5 draft results:

Round One

No. 1 (Team Dayfri + Dirk): HoodieDre (PG)

No. 2 (Team Sam + Crush): Greenlight (PG)

No. 3 (Team Malik + Firesticks): TopTierCrown (C)

No. 4 (Team Champ + Goofy): Fanta (PG)

Round Two

No. 5 (Team Champ + Goofy): Spartan (PF)

No. 6 (Team Malik + Firesticks): Cuban (PG)

No. 7 (Team Sam + Crush): DJMoney (C)

No. 8 (Team Dayfri + Dirk): Caliraq (SG)

Round Three

No. 9 (Team Dayfri + Dirk): BigReign (C)

No. 10 (Team Sam + Crush): Fox (SF)

No. 11 (Team Malik + Firesticks): Unit (SG)

No. 12 (Team Champ + Goofy): ForeverPolo (C)

Round Four

No. 13 (Team Champ + Goofy): BOHIO (G)

No. 14 (Team Malik + Firesticks): Follow (SF)

No. 15 (Team Sam + Crush): Chess (SG)

No. 16 (Team Dayfri + Dirk): Zar (PF)

Round Five

No. 17 (Team Dayfri + Dirk): UnderratedGoat (SF)

No. 18 (Team Sam + Crush): BumpyDon (PF)

No. 19 (Team Malik + Firesticks): xoLebron (PF)

No. 20 (Team Champ + Goofy): MikeSwann (SF)

Final Rosters (PS5)

Team Dayfri + Dirk

PG: HoodieDre

SG: Caliraq

SF: UnderratedGoat

PF: Zar

C: BigReign

Team Sam + Crush

PG: Greenlight

SG: Chess

SF: Fox

PF: BumpyDon

C: DJMoney

Team Malik + Firesticks

PG: Cuban

SG: Unit

SF: Follow

PF: xoLebron

C: TopTierCrown

Team Champ + Goofy

PG: Fanta


SF: MikeSwann

PF: Spartan

C: ForeverPolo

XBOX Draft Results

Round One

No. 1 (Team Sam + Crush): Deron (PG)

No. 2 (Team Malik + Firesticks): Tayzo (SF)

No. 3 (Team Champ + Goofy): GlennRatty (PG)

No. 4 (Team Dayfri + Dirk): Gunz (SF)

Round Two

No. 5 (Team Dayfri + Dirk): KayAus (PF/C)

No. 6 (Team Champ + Goofy): OMGDontLose (C)

No. 7 (Team Malik + Firesticks): Shotti (PG)

No. 8 (Team Sam + Crush): Fakiee (PF)

Round Three

No. 9 (Team Sam + Crush): Wale (C)

No. 10 (Team Malik + Firesticks): Rando (SG)

No. 11 (Team Champ + Goofy): Idris (PF)

No. 12 (Team Dayfri + Dirk): Oreo (PF)

Round Four

No. 13 (Team Dayfri + Dirk): Jumper (PG)

No. 14 (Team Champ + Goofy): Icyy (SF)

No. 15 (Team Malik + Firesticks): Arsonal (C)

No. 16 (Team Sam + Crush): Faiz (SG)

Round Five

No. 17 (Team Sam + Crush): Dawsix (SF)

No. 18 (Team Malik + Firesticks): HOMI (PF)

No. 19 (Team Champ + Goofy): CooksOnFire (PG)

No. 20 (Team Dayfri + Dirk): Mo (SG)

Final Rosters (XBX)

Team Dayfri + Dirk

PG: Jumper

SG: Mo

SF: Gunz

PF: Oreo

C: KayAus

Team Sam + Crush

PG: Deron

SG: Faiz

SF: Dawsix

PF: Fakiee

C: Wale

Team Malik + Firesticks

PG: Shotti

SG: Rando

SF: Tayzo


C: Arsonal

Team Champ + Goofy

PG: GlennRatty

SG: CooksOnFire

SF: Icyy

PF: Idris

C: OMGDontLose

For additional NapX Invitational information, visit their Twitter page: @NapX2K. Comments, likes, retweets, feedback, etc. all greatly appreciated. As always, thank you for reading. Find me at:

Twitters: @aarontfox; @shootmorethrees

YouTube:  SM3 (filled with pro-am highlights, more coming soon)

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