MPBA Report Vol. 1 (Xbox)

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Notable performances, top teams, statistical leaders, and more


Welcome to the ‘MPBA Report’, where you’ll find all things MPBA. This ‘series’ will be used as a mix of content and resource, providing weekly updates on everything you need to know about MPBA. 

Recently we kicked off a pair of next-gen seasons, PS5 season nine, and Xbox season fifteen. We’re a little over a week into the season and playoffs are quickly approaching. Here’s all of the Xbox MPBA action you may or may not have missed out on recently: 

(30) Notable Performances (Gamertag, Team)

TeslaStarter, Top Dawgs: 40pts-6asts (8-for-12 on 3PTA)

HilsHasEyes, Top Dawgs: 21pts-4rebs-2asts-1stl (8-for-10)

Garcha, Underground: 22pts-9rebs-4asts-3stls (11-for-14)

PG Maj, Loyalty Sticks: 18pts-17asts

CoolKid FT, Loyalty Sticks: 28pts-2asts-4stls (7-for-10 on 3PTA)

S C R A IP IP Y, Quick Floods: 56pts-10asts-3stls (21-for-32; 12 made 3’s)  

MVP Recklezz, Quick Floods: 13pts-2rebs-4asts-10stls-1blk (5-for-5)

BifocalMouse, Quick Floods: 11pts-9rebs-6asts-3stls-4blks 

Ahnkles, Quick Floods: 19pts-2rebs-5asts-1stl-4blks 

StunStun, B4 The Fame: 37pts-12asts-1stl  

KingsWorld, B4 The Fame: 16pts-2rebs-9asts-7stls

CarneyGotNext, No Limit: 17pts-13asts-3stls (8-for-11)

Bijou, B4 The Fame: 32pts-3rebs-5asts-2stls (10-for-15 on 3PTA)

Too Baited, The Pack: 21pts-18asts-1stl (9-for-12)

III 300 III, The Pack: 30pts-3rebs-1ast-3stls (14-for-16)

Brayy347, Liquid x Changed: 22pts-19asts-1stl (9-for-12)

Euro Dunk, Malicious Movement: 37pts-3asts-3stls-1blk (6-for-8 on 3PTA)

NickDrippin, PTP: 30pts-2rebs-5asts-6stls

King Havoc, PTP: 35pts-1reb-5asts-3stls (7-for-10 on 3PTA)

IcyRo, PTP: 34pts-2rebs-4asts-2stls 

LockEmUpC, Strictly Buckets: 25pts-2rebs-12asts-3stls (7-for-10 on 3PTA)

TyESGN, Hi-Cal: 24pts-7rebs-3asts-1stl-1blk (12-for-14)

MarquiseTC, Hi-Cal: 87pts-1reb-3asts-4stls (31-for-54; 22 made 3’s)

Bowtie, Reassurance Gaming: 44pts-1reb-4asts-5stls (14 made 3’s)

OmightyLeek, Reassurance Gaming: 10pts-2rebs-31asts-2stls

Sahrento, Reassurance Gaming: 32pts-8rebs-2asts-2stls (8 made 3’s)

TheyLoveRoyal, Liquid Underground: 27pts-9rebs-2asts-4stls

OG Polo, The Usual Suspects: 19pts-11rebs-3asts-2blks 

CooksIverson, Shooters Touch: 38pts-2rebs-6asts-2stls (7-for-11 on 3PTA)

IceDragon, The Usual Suspects: 34pts-1reb-11asts-2atls-1blk (14-for-15)

Top Teams

B4 The Fame: 9-1 record (90%)

Aim Up: 7-1 record (88%)

Hi-Cal: 15-3 record (83%)

Reassurance Gaming: 9-3 record (75%)

Drippin Talent: 6-3 record (67%)

PrimeTime Playaz: 6-3 record (67%)

The Usual Suspects: 7-4-1 (63%)

Quick Floods: 9-9 record (50%)

Player Statistical Leaders

Points (FG%-3PT%)

S C R A IP IP Y, Quick Floods: 471 points (61%-55%)

MarquiseTC, Hi-Cal: 421 points (62%-57%)

TyESGN, Hi-Cal: 268 points (75%-43%)

StunStun, B4 The Fame: 233 points (61%-52%)

KG THA KID, Rhode Island Hellcats: 225 points (54%-51%)


BifocalMouse, Quick Floods: 153 rebounds 

SrBangAlot, Rhode Island Hellcats: 141 rebounds

TyESGN, Hi-Cal: 116 rebounds 

KG THA KID, Rhode Island Hellcats: 103 rebounds 

Ray XL Ray, Reassurance Gaming: 77 rebounds 


S C R A IP IP Y, Quick Floods: 129 assists 

MarquiseTC, Hi-Cal: 128 assists

OmightyLeek, Reassurance Gaming: 117 assists 

KD THA KID, Rhode Island Hellcats: 112 assists

TyESGN, Hi-Cal: 67 assists


S C R A IP IP Y, Quick Floods: 43 steals

MVP Recklezz, Quick Floods: 39 steals

Ahnkles, Quick Floods: 30 steals 

Les Ismoor, Hi-Cal: 30 steals

BifocalMouse, Quick Floods: 25 steals  


BifocalMouse, Quick Floods: 18 blocks

TyESGN, Hi-Cal: 16 blocks

Bowtie, Reassurance Gaming: 15 blocks

JeffStandsh, Stream Hunters: 14 blocks

Bam Adebayo, The Usual Suspects: 14 blocks


A lot of y’all have pretty similar questions. Here are the most common questions we’ve received over the last week or so: 

Q: Can I have a Discord invite?

A: Have your team captain check their email first, there’s likely a link there; if the team captain didn’t receive an email with a link, feel free to DM us on Twitter (@MPBA2K) and we’ll get you set up

Q: When does the regular season end?

A: The season ends May 16th at 1 a.m.

Q: How many games to be eligible for the playoffs?

A: 15 games

Q: How do I make a roster change?

A: Visit our website and submit a roster change 

Q: How do I make a team/brand change?

A: Visit our website and submit a brand change 

Q: Does MPBA have current gen leagues?

A: We currently are not running current-gen seasons or tournaments 

If you have any interest in being featured in MPBA content similar to this, tag @MPBA2K and @aarontfox in all of your MPBA related tweets, content, clips, screenshots, etc. The MPBA report will be back next week, as we look forward to the regular season wrapping up and playoffs beginning. All support is much appreciated, and as always, thank you for reading. 

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