MPBA Playoffs: Liquid Pro-Am vs. Deception Review

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MPBA Playoffs: Liquid Pro-Am vs. Deception Review

Liquid Pro-Am

PG: Seldum

SG: Gliz

SF: Bag

PF: Merc

C: Ploe 


PG: Fab/Cooks

SG: Benzo

SF: Saint 

PF: Flacco 

C: Oreo 

Game One: Liquid defeats Deception, 34-6

Game Two: Liquid defeats Deception, 59-57

Game Three: Liquid defeats Deception, 62-56

Keys to the Game 

  • Bag did a great job in game one, speeding up Fab while taking away the middle and left wing. Fab was held to one-for-six shooting, including four turnovers, with his only made shot being a fade three-pointer working off of the right wing. Bag was also to grade out Fab during this game. 
  • Ploe was able to find success on the glass, working the pick-and-roll with Seldum as well as being able to mash down low off of offensive rebounds.
  • Cooks was able to find success working the middle and left hash from behind the arc,  as well as taking his opportunities to rim run when they were there. 
  • Gliz was able to find success getting out on the break. He was also able to score in the halfcourt, working the middle and right hash consistently.  
  • Seldum’s performance wasn’t outstanding by any means, but he managed the game well, occasionally finding success working the left hash behind the arc. He also worked the pick-and-roll well with Ploe.

Matchup MVP: Ploe (10.6ppg-9rpg)

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