MPBA Playoffs: Denial vs. Perfect Timing Review

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MPBA Playoffs: Denial vs. Perfect Timing Review


PG: Reizey

SG: Scretty

SF: Loud

PF: Steez

C: Walnut 

Perfect Timing 

PG: Greenlight

SG: Jyden

SF: Icyy

PF: Mac

C: Prod

Game One: Perfect Timing defeats Denial, 62-42

Game Two: Denial defeats Perfect Timing, 62-46

Game Three: Denial defeats Perfect Timing, 66-60

Keys to the Game 

  • Reizey was able to find occasional success working the right wing behind the arc. He also found success working the pick-and-roll with Walnut down low.
  • Greenlight was able to find success working the left wing from three-point range, also utilizing the two-step with Jyden successfully. 
  • Walnut had a very impressive series down low for Denial working the pick-and-roll with Reizey. He was also able to collect offensive rebounds several times throughout the series, mashing in the paint when he had positioning.
  • Steez (9ppg-2spg-1bpg) had a solid series on the defensive end, knocking down his jump shots, stepping high to take away middle in the pick-and-roll, limiting Greenlight in game three.  

Matchup MVP: Walnut (17.3ppg-10.6rpg)

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