Let’s Talk Business #04 Featuring 2KL Champion Idris

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Juice2K: Let's Talk Business #04 Featuring 2KL Champion Idris

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to “Let’s Talk Business”, a segment where I sit down and interview members of the 2K Pro-Am community. As always I go by Juice and/or Nate Jacobs. Today I talked with Idris, one of the few 2KL Season 1 players who has played in every season. We discussed his 2K career, the key to his success with Knicks Gaming, and his hobbies outside of 2K.

J: Idris what’s going on man how are you doing? 

I: “I’m doing pretty good, just maintaining, relaxing my mental, and staying out of the way.”

J: Awesome man, let’s talk business.

J: You have one of the craziest 2KL careers ever, how did this all start for you? When did you start playing 2K?

I: “I started playing for real in 2K17, and then they announced the league in 2K18 and I knew I could make it. People told me I could make it and I was confident. I quit my job and everything to pursue this. I led the combine in blocks and steals against some big names and that’s when I knew I belonged.”

J: Let’s go back to 2018, I would assume your favorite year of the 2KL. What was that like? Winning the championship and THE TICKET as well?

I: “It was surreal because people failed to realize that we all didn’t get along at first — we had a lot of egos. Kuda, Yey, and Nate were the glue. Goofy, Mark, and myself were all over the place. Everything changed when we had a team meeting and we sat down and asked everyone “what do you want to do?” I said, “I want the ball on the fast break” and everyone else had their requests. That was right before THE TICKET, which we ended up winning.”

J: We saw on the court but what was that dynamic like off the court?

I: “It was mostly individual activity at first, but then we started hanging out and going out as a team. Kuda tried getting us into fashion. Before we started winning, an “off day” was isolated. We all hated losing and we felt like we were disappointing the Knicks organization. After THE TICKET we were on fire and we knew we could win a championship. Kuda and Goofy were on fire, our corners were on fire, and Yey’s confidence was through the roof.”

J: Is there a memory that stands out to you, from any of your moments off the court that is a “favorite moment” to you?

I: “My favorite memory would have to be signing into Anger Management — I needed that for the league. Hearing it from my peers and others that I needed help, and the 2KL provided me with that help.”

J: Idris, go ahead and let the people know, what are your biggest 2KL achievements? 

I: “I’m known as the first triple-double man in league history against Cavs Legion with 24 points, 11 rebounds, 10 assists, 5 blocks, 5 steals. First-ever TICKET champion — people don’t know I led the team in scoring and assists in THE TICKET championship. I’m the first 2KL champion, and only missed two shots in the finals. I’m the first player to score 20+ points on four different positions in the league. During season three, I led all PF’S in rebounding. I was tied for the most double-doubles as well. I helped Bucks Gaming make the playoffs in season three. I’m #7 in 2KL earnings.” 

J: Moving away from 2K for a minute, what’s your day to day life look like? What are some hobbies you currently take part in?

I: “Typical usual morning — I’m the #1 Regs Madden Player in the world right now. I vlog with a lot of people, I’m working on growing my personal brand. Always trying to do something productive.”

J: This one is for my Madden heads out there but what teams are you playing with and which offensive and defensive concepts?

I: “Of course competitively I’m using the Packers, but my favorite team to use is Pittsburgh. I run ‘Gun Trio’ on offense and ‘1-4-6’ on defense. Those are the money formations and. I’m currently on a 100 game winning streak, which broke my own record of 68.”

J. In 5 years what are you doing?

I: “In 5 years I look to be financially stable, doing YouTube — I plan on retiring from 2K before I’m 30. Just living a chill life, doing what I love to do, and making a stable income for my family.”

J: Alright to wrap it up Idris let’s get these rapid-fire questions in.

I: Favorite food? “Fries”

I: Hidden talent? “Gymnastics”

I: Favorite athlete? “LaDainian Tomlinson” 

I: Favorite 2K League player to watch? “630”

You can find Idris on Twitter here: @ImThat6MB

Ladies and gentlemen, I appreciate you stopping by, stay on the lookout for more content. You can find me on Twitter @xJuice2K, and until next time, peace.

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