Let’s Talk Business #03

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Juice2K: Let's Talk Business #03 featuring Champ2K

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to “Let’s Talk Business”, a segment where I sit down and interview members of the 2K Pro-Am community. As always I go by Juice and/or Nate Jacobs. Today I talked with Champ2K, a man who needs no introduction. We discussed his life experiences, 2KL Scout experience, and his career aspirations within the NBA 2K League.

J: Champ, how’s it going man?

C: Good, just chilling getting ready for this week’s games starting tomorrow.

J: Awesome man, great to hear, let’s talk business.

J: Walk me through your early stages of 2K, when did you start playing? What position did you play? What are some of your competitive achievements or favorite moments?

C: It all started about 10 years ago – as far as competitive play I was with Island Gang – BearDaBeast (TWolves Gaming, SlayIsland (Nets GC), NateKahl (Knicks Gaming) and more. I played center and competed with all of the top guys at the time. We won multiple leagues, but the biggest to me was the 2K tournament in NBA 2K17. Now I’m not so much a player anymore, I am more interested in management within the league as opposed to playing.

J: To those out there who aren’t aware, Champ has worked  with Raptors GC as a draft analyst, how did you get started with the guys in Toronto Champ?

C: Originally I was close to SickOne – he helped get me over there and helped me make the connections with those guys. In season 3, I was a draft analyst for Raptors GC and I helped them draft pick-by-pick and basically helped give an overview of players and see what we saw fit. 

J: Is there a story you can tell of one of your favorite moments working with Raptors GC?

C: My favorite moment was drafting Legit. Legit and SickOne are brothers, their mother unfortunately passed away. It was a magical moment being able to pair them up and that’s one of my favorite life moments, not just 2K moments.

J: Side question and I’m curious to hear your answer to this, that Raptors team in which you helped draft, what was the key for those guys?

C: I think their biggest key was the fullcourt defense of course, but the chemistry was on another level. The group of guys all playing at an extremely high level. Everyone on that roster was playing well and it all just clicked.

J: Ok moving on, in your eyes how important is post draft within the community? 

C: I think over the years it has had less and less value. The talent pool is getting smaller and smaller. I don’t believe it is that important anymore. The Dallas UPA tournament is to me all that matters. I believe whoever wins UPA in Dallas will be drafted next season.

J: Give me your dream starting five from season 4 of the 2KL

PG:  630

SG: Kai 

SF: Crush

PF: Crown

C: Dayfri

J: What’s the dream for you Champ? I know you work in healthcare, but would you pursue a management job in the league? Your resume speaks for itself and is something I don’t think teams take lightly.

C: For me, my ultimate goal is to be in a GM position. I want to push the league to the next level. A lot of GM’s don’t take risks, they take safe picks in the draft – taking older players isn’t “risky”. I want to help discover new talent, I want to look more at overseas players. For me it’s to be one of the best GM’s not only in 2K, but in all of Esports. 

J: Ok a couple rapid fire questions to wrap it up.

One word to describe the 2KLeague? Growth

Greatest 2KLeague player of all time? BearDaBeast

Best pizza topping? Pepperoni

Dream vacation? Tokyo

Video games besides 2K? Call of Duty: Warzone

J: Ok Champ I appreciate you more than you know, I’ll see ya in Dallas, any final words? Where can the people find you?

C: You can find me @Champ2K on twitter, all of my content is on @ESGN2K it’s all posted to twitch and youtube as well. My final words: I want organizations to create more content overall, the league needs more and more content creators so keep grinding.

Ladies and gentlemen, I appreciate you stopping by, stay on the lookout for more content. You can find me on Twitter @xJuice2K, and until next time, peace.

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