Let’s Talk Business #02 Featuring ChromeAntennae

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Let’s Talk Business #02 Featuring ChromeAntennae

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to “Let’s Talk Business”, a segment where I sit down and interview members of the 2K Pro-Am community. As always I go by Juice and/or Nate Jacobs. Today I talked with @chromeantennae, an outspoken player on and off the court. We discussed his life experiences, 2K career, and education on the LGBTQ+ community. 

J: Chrome, let’s talk business. How have you been?

C: Pretty good, can’t complain too much.Took a slight break on 2K to focus on other things, and besides that all good.

J: Glad to hear, let’s get straight into it. Give me a background on your personal life. Who is Chrome?

C: I’m just a kid from Dallas, honestly. I graduated with my Bachelors from UNT-Dallas a couple of years ago with a degree in communications and technology. I’m a wannabe jock, all I play is sports games and I like to say I’m pretty good at them. I also write poetry– been doing so for about 8 years now and I also dabble in other art as well from time to time. I work for a software company that focuses on car dealerships, but it honestly sounds more interesting than it is.

J: Side question: where does your name come from?

C: That’s always a fun question, it’s from a poem that I wrote. I’m a nerdy guy and know a lot of seemingly random things, so my friends would call me google chrome. Hence the chrome. The antenna is a play on the words, antennas pick up and receive signals but it’s also a “feeler” or a sense organ for insects. It’s how they smell, feel different surfaces and temperatures as well as detect movement. And like I said earlier I’m a communications guy. Plus, one of my favorite songs of all time is ‘Rose Antennae’ by Fat Jon so it all works out.

J: Awesome, if you look at your twitter, you can very easily discover that you have and I assume will continue to speak out against all forms of discrimination and any other violations of human rights, can you pinpoint to me the time in your life that kind of “got this ball rolling?” 

C: I think the moment in which it clicked for me was when I was looking to further my education through college. I’m a minority (half-Black and half-Mexican) and had to go through certain hardships that really only people that look like me tend to experience. And when I went to junior college and learned about all kinds of statistics, and the disparities between different races and their statistics of going to college or their involvement in STEM classes or whatever the case was, it really got me wanting to be more involved in activism in general. I also got a job mentoring the black youth at the school as well so that was more fuel to the fire, definitely. As far as LGBTQ+ is concerned, I took a gender studies course at uni and it really opened my eyes to a lot of the hardships and things other people have to go through so I like to use my voice to defend those who can’t or are too afraid to speak out.  

J: And to add on, in these conversations and threads it seems you’re not just educated on these topics but just a smart guy in general. What does your education background look like? If someone was to want to be more educated on the LQBTQ+ community what resources would you recommend to them?

C: It can start as simple as education and conversation. I didn’t know too much about the LGBTQ+ community despite having a lot of queer friends until I was at my 4-year uni. I was always big on activism within the black and brown community so this was a great chance to get involved and learn more about something I didn’t know about as in-depth but wanted to know more about the experience. So that’s really where that sort of started for me and wanting to be more involved in speaking out for people. Plus, as a person of color, in my experience I feel it should be easier to empathize with a person who happens to be gay, trans, or whatever the case is because people of color know what it’s like to be judged in an instant; whether it’s right or wrong, justified or unjustified. The struggles may not be exactly the same, but as they say: history doesn’t repeat itself but it sure does rhyme.

And as far as resources are concerned, I think a great start is understanding that in order to eliminate homophobia and transphobia, we have to sort of accept that these things tend to stem from toxic masculinity and how we understand that. So with that being said, I think a read worth checking out is “GuyLand” by Michael Kimmel. A good way to examine all of these small issues is to examine it from a larger lens.” This author interviewed 400 men between 16 and 26 to ask them what “manhood” means to them. This was assigned to me by a professor and I held onto it. 

J: Ok, let’s get to 2K stuff. Give me a run-down of your 2K history. What moment in this history sticks out to you as “my favorite memory”?

C: So I’ve played 2K online since 2K16 on XBOX. 2K in general I played when Allen Iverson was on the cover. In 2K20, Mavs Gaming held their Texas Ticket in person. I debated playing with my IRL’s — some were pretty good but some were a little “iffy”. Then I got a great opportunity to play with @solecold23 who posted that he needed a lock on Twitter for the tournament. I was about to play lock just for this tournament. I was naturally a PG, but then at the last minute due to cancellations I played PG, and had to call 2 IRL friends of mine to come fill in. 

My big bro Raydon and homie Rod pull up right on the dot — Rod might have even been late by a minute or two but Coach LT let it rock. We were playing a team called Geekletes and would you believe it? When the first game started the power died in the building. @LordBeezus_ was the coach of that team and uh… some were better than others on that roster. But when I tell you I was in my bag though, I was in my BAG. I dropped like 40 and the whole game is on Youtube on my channel, actually. That’s when I knew I was nice at this 2K thing and that’s definitely my favorite memory playing 2K. I also met @xNotDP, @loteuryy who was hella encouraging after our 2nd round meeting that lowkey changed my mindset on 2K, and my boy @oSnagaholic. I met hella heavy hitters at that tournament. I also met @KerryJr_ from the Kings. Sidenote: I hit legend on 2K20 so that was pretty cool too.

Second moment if I could have one is being selected to the All-WR second team in season 27. Shoutout to ADB (A Different Breed) and all of them for the opportunity to hoop.

J: I’ve played with you in WR Select until LongBeard traded me — *cough* *cough* — and when you’re on the court the energy is always at 100. How do you accomplish this? Is it on purpose?

C: I think so, I feel like I’m an intense guy in all that I do. Checkers, Connect 4, whatever I do I’m trying to win. I hate losing more than I love winning. I know how important it is for me and my teammates and I think a lot of guys feed off that. Plus, I want to be the best on the court at all times. I want it to be known that I’m a dog on that court.

J: Last question in this series, I’ve watched you play FIFA pro clubs recently and it looks similar to Pro Am. What is the biggest difference you see in the Pro-Am and Pro Clubs community? What are the similarities?

C: Similarities: Competitive Environment – Trash talk isn’t as prevalent but the dedication and communication is there for both communities.

Differences: I don’t mean to shed any negative light on the 2K community, but there’s so much more respect and less toxicity. When you beat someone in FIFA they always say GG and have great spirits. In 2K you run into way more excuses and negative feedback after games. I’ve enjoyed being in the FIFA Pro-Club community and it’s been a nice change of pace, personally.

Ok Chrome, let’s finish strong. Give me your favorite player at each position to play with all time.

PG – TrillADB – ADB (Present)

SG – TrvppingOffWic_ – No10Deez (2K20)

  • BamXCuzz – No10Deez (2K20)

SF – BrodyBrooo – Mixed Motions Esports (Present) 

  • “Juice you gotta be on the list too”  xJuice2K – Select

PF – ItsWerx – ADB (Present)

  • NeverLoseBrooks – ADB (Present)

C – EasyMoneyReborn – Select, Unorthodox 5 (Present

  • BeastMode3524 – 2K20 – CantonClutch

Any final words for the people?

I’ll leave them with this, you can find me anywhere with this username I have — @chromeantennae — and I mean literally everywhere. So, as far as that goes I’m your friendly neighborhood lock, chromeantennae and please, please, please don’t be racist, homophobic, or transphobic. Love each other.

Ladies and gentlemen, I appreciate you for stopping by and be sure to stay on the lookout for more content. You can find me on Twitter @xJuice2K, and until next time, peace.

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