Lakers Gaming: Possible Draft Scenarios

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Lakers Gaming heads into season four with a pair of protected players in Sav and Tactuk. For the season 4 draft, they have picks number 1, 24, 38, and 60. With the assumption being that Tactuk will be moving to center for season 4, Lakers Gaming now needs a lockdown defender, power forward, secondary ball-handler and sixth man. At number one overall, in my opinion, you have to go with the best player available. 

This year’s best player is a franchise changing pick in Krazy. Krazy has been the best lock on this game for a few years now. He has competed in many tournaments during pre-draft at power forward for No Look. I think Krazy has shown that he is one of the most versatile players in this draft class. He has shown that he can play both lock and power forward at an elite level. At the same time, he proved that he can play center with the best of them during the recent NBA 2K League combine. Going with Krazy here is a no-brainer for me.

At pick number 24, I think you need to take a power forward, but not just any power forward. You need someone that is going to come in and understand their role. In addition, this prospect needs to be able to compete with the best while bringing some good vibes, I think you take Kerry Jr. here. Kerry is somebody that is your ultimate hype man. If you make a great play, he’s going to let you know. Kerry, in my opinion, is a player that does all of the little things extremely well. Whether he is dropping on the slip to disrupt the pick-and-roll or baiting you to throw a pass to the corner that isn’t there, he continuously provides a safety net for his teammates. He is also able to green his shots at an extremely high level, one of the more important skills when you’re a role player on offense. 

If you didn’t want to take Kerry in this spot, another prospect you could go with is xoLebron. Lebron is another very talented power forward in this year’s draft pool. He has been competing with RDG for a while now, experiencing plenty of success all pre-draft. Lebron is going to come in with a winning mindset and I feel like he’s willing to do whatever he can to help the team succeed, no matter his role. His ability to play lanes really stands out to me, as well as how he rotates and swings without hesitation. He is a solid power forward prospect in this year’s class, but it’s all going to come down to who Lakers Gaming feels fits best. 

With pick 38, you need a secondary ball-handler/sharpshooter. Depending on how the draft goes, and I’m not sure if this person will be here or not, but I would go with Chess if he is available. Chess got his chance to play in the league during season three after being selected as a ‘free-agent’ by Nets Gaming Crew. He showcased his ability to play sharp at an extremely high level against the best players in the world. 

A few things that stand out to me when I watch Chess is how he shines on both ends of the court. His ability to play mind games with the opposing point guard on the defensive end is incredible. He is really good at being able to get himself open off-the-ball, often dexing his way to an open look. If Chess and his guard are on the same page, he experiences plenty of success utilizing the ‘two-step’. Chess would be a great guy to have in your locker room and I feel like he would bring immediate success to the team.

If they don’t want to take Chess at 38, another player that they could take (if available) would be Greenlight. Although Greenlight has played point guard in this pre-draft primarily, I feel like he would be successful in the secondary ball-handler/sharpshooter role. He is a really solid passer who can score the ball with the best of them. Another small thing that stands out to me is he always holds his team accountable. Another thing that I notice frequently from him is that he typically takes what the defense gives him, never forcing the agenda for the sake of making a play. One example being his willingness to hit the slip. If it’s there, Greenlight will take advantage all game until the defense adjusts. Greenlight would be another solid option for Lakers Gaming at 38.

At pick 60, Lakers Gaming could go plenty of directions. Maybe they decide a reunion with Mootyy is the route they’d like to go (if available).  Mooty has spent most of this pre-draft playing lock, but is also capable of manning the power forward and center positions. Mootyy communicates really well with his team, always talking and elevating the energy. He also shoots the ball very efficiently out of the corner. He was the sixth man for most of season three with Lakers Gaming, so I find it very unlikely that he would have a problem taking on a sixth man role. Off the court, he’s as quality of a teammate that you could ask for, making him an excellent sixth man candidate. 

Or, it’s possible they could go with another Throwdown player, Chuck, a.k.a. KidLit. Chuck is an extremely versatile player that can play 3-5 at a high level. This pre-draft, he has primarily played lock and center. He communicates very well with his team at all times. Another thing that Chuck could bring to the table is his attention to detail. He watches film before matchups, always studying his opponent’s tendencies and gameplay. Lastly, Chuck is simply a great glue guy. He is quietly a very passionate player that everyone wants on their team. Kid Lit would be a great fit for Lakers Gaming as their sixth man, and a steal with pick 60. 

(DISCLAIMER) I do not have any inside information on what Lakers Gaming plans on doing in this upcoming draft. I just thought that these guys would fit Lakers Gaming well as they try to turn things around in season four.  

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