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Mavs Gaming was another organization that is consistently putting out content on their YouTube channel, so it made this easy. Their channel has everything; season recaps, player profiles, 2k tips, and even movie reviews from the players themselves. To catch up on the Mavs squad I watched a ton of their videos, and recommend this one specifically. Just watch how Dimez is able to work in every situation (reminds me of 76ers PG Radiant):

Heading into season 2, the Mavs made some notable changes. Star big man Dayfri expressed his desire to play for other teams, and that wish was granted. Dayfri was traded to Wizards Gaming District for a first-round pick that turned into starting Center PeteBeBallin. And in return, Mavs Gaming got out to a league-record 10-0 start last season. Led by number one overall pick Dimez , the Mavs squad flashes impressive chemistry, on and off the sticks. Watch the PNR with Dimez and Pete. Watch how Mo works off-ball tirelessly to get open. I can’t tell you how many shots I saw Mo make with 2 seconds or less on the shot clock while researching this squad. He’s a bailout master.

Unfortunately for the Mavs, the hot start fizzled and Dallas was bounced by the CLTX Crossover Gaming team in round 1. You can catch the series recap here:

The Mavs retained Dimez, ByAnyMeansMo, PeteBeBallin, Sherm, and added two rookies: Spartan and Sleetys. Now unfortunately, the Mavs didn’t play in the Spring 16 tournament so I did not get a chance to watch their new-look roster in play. However. when the season finally tips off, expect the Mavs to be in contention, simply because of elite PG play. The entire league is built around the PNR and Dimez/Pete are as lethal a combo as it gets.

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