I Watched A Lot of Pro-Am Tonight; Here’s a Summary

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The night started with Phantom Troupe vs. Invasion. Immediately after, RDG and Defiance loaded up to play a series. Afterwards, it was the HG vs. Greatness show. At the same time, Seize and Show No Mercy wagered for $1,000. My point is, there was a ton of pro-am tonight. I reviewed what I watched:

Defiance vs. Redefining Greatness

Overtime Tournaments Elite Eight

Best-of-three series

Starting Lineups:


(PG) Claude

(SG) Rigby

(Lock) Randomz

(PF) Kerry

(C) TopTierCrown


(PG) Jmoney

(SG) Caliraq

(Lock) BallersBack

(PF) xoLebron

(C) May

Game One (61-42)

Game one got out of hand in the second half, turning floody before RDG decided to hang em’ up and try again in game two. The Defiance defense was impressive, forcing plenty of turnovers that led to scores on the fastbreak.

After a fairly close first half, Defiance took off in the third quarter, winning the frame 18-6, resulting in a near 20-point lead. Each Defiance starter recorded 8+ points, with Claude leading the way with 23 (8-for-11).

Claude (23pts-5asts), Rigby (9pts-4asts-stl), Randomz (10pts-2asts-stl), Kerry (8pts-6rebs-ast-stl), Crown (11pts-5rebs-8asts)

Jmoney (20pts-6asts), Caliraq (9pts-3asts), Baller (6pts-reb), Lebron (3pts-2rebs-stl), May (4pts-3rebs-ast-stl)

Game Two (47-28)

Unfortunately for RDG, game two held more of the same fate. This time around, the flood just came earlier. From tipoff, Defiance was firing on all cylinders and it all started on the defensive end.

I like to think I’ve watched a lot of RDG this pre-draft. Up until tonight, I hadn’t seen a pro-am defense affect Jmoney and the RDG offense quite like Defiance managed to. Their team defense was off the charts, with all 5 players contributing at a high level. Defiance finished with 6 team steals, forcing 10 RDG turnovers, while recording 0 (!) turnovers themselves.

Claude (21pts-5asts), Rigby (6pts-5asts-3stls), Randomz (2pts-2stls), Kerry (2pts-4rebs-stl), Crown (16pts-5rebs-5asts-blk)

Jmoney (15pts-5asts), Caliraq (3pts), Baller (4rebs), Lebron (reb), May (10pts-5rebs-4asts)

Greatness vs. HG

Overtime Tournaments Final Four

Best-of-three series

Starting Lineups:


(PG) Bam

(SG) Seem

(Lock) UnderratedGoat

(PF) About TG

(C) WorthingColt


(PG) Bash

(SG) Scretty

(Lock) Crush

(PF) Spartan

(C) Goofy

Game One (63-48)

Greatness got out to a 10-0 lead to begin game one, taking advantage of a slow HG start on both ends. The slow start extended into the next quarter and by halftime, Greatness led 32-14. From there, HG attempted a comeback bid or two, but it was a classic case of ‘too little, too late’. Greatness takes game one with dominance, 63-48.

Bash (15pts-9asts), Scretty (8pts-3asts-3stls), Crush (6pts-4asts-stl), Spartan (18pts-7rebs-stl-2blks), Goofy (16pts-5rebs-2asts),

Bam (21pts-4asts), Seem (5pts-3asts-2stls-blk), UnderratedGoat (9pts-3asts-stl), About TG (4pts-5rebs-ast), WorthingColt (9pts-9rebs-4asts)

Game Two (61-47)

HG’s game two start was much better, taking a 22-13 lead early in the second quarter, but it was all downhill from there. Greatness erased the near double-digit lead before halftime arrived, tying it 24-24. Early in the fourth, it was Greatness who held a nine-point advantage. HG never recovered (again), and it’ll be Greatness advancing to the Overtime finals.

Bash (21pts-11asts-2stls), Scretty (ast-3stls), Crush (15pts-4stls), Spartan (8pts-6rebs), Goofy (17pts-2rebs-4asts-blk)

Bam (5pts-11asts), Seem (11pts-ast-2stls), UnderratedGoat (4pts-stl-blk), About TG (5pts-3rebs-ast), WorthingColt (22pts-9rebs-3asts-stl)

Phantom Troupe vs. Invasion

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