HOF Playoffs: Bench All Stars vs. Cook Up Review

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HOF Playoffs: Bench All Stars vs. Cook Up Review

Bench All Stars

PG: Matty

SG: Stuss

SF: Sawc

PF: cantswing 

C: ScoJacob 

Cook Up

PG: Monster

SG: Pringleman


PF: Safari

C: Flyboyrow 

Game One: Cook up defeats Bench All Stars, 70-59

Game Two: Bench All Stars defeats Cook Up, 74-50

Game Three: Bench All Stars defeat Cook Up, 45-16

Keys to the Game

  • Monster worked effectively in the midrange during game one, slowing down the game in the halfcourt. Cook Up was able to frequently get out on the break as well. Cook Up did a good job taking advantage of a stagnant offense as Goat Swagg led the way on both ends of the floor.
  • Matty got off to a much better start in game two, finding himself open looks from three-point range. He did a solid job of controlling the game and getting his teammates involved offensively. He also did a better job of adjusting to the frequent midrange shots from Monster in game two in order to limit his clean looks from the field.
  • Bench All Stars did a great job of forcing turnovers, getting out on the break, and scoring in transition. They were able to use two big quarters of 24-6 and 11-0 to separate themselves from Cook Up in game three.

Matchup MVP: Matty (14.6ppg-7.3apg)

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