HOF Overnight Tournament: Before The Fame vs. Deception Review

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Before The Fame vs. Deception Review

Before The Fame

PG: Xacobi

SG: Stun

SF: KingsWorld

PF: StayTunedCam

C: Scoring


PG: N8

SG: Vector

SF: JoeMo 

PF: Brute

C: kingyup

Game One: Before The Fame defeats Deception, 75-46

Game Two: Before The Fame defeats Deception, 71-39

Keys to the Game 

  • Xacobi and Stun were both able to find success from beyond the arc in the half-court. Stun was also able to find frequent success in transition from three-point range.
  • Before The Fame used a high-powered offense to their advantage, as they were able to make quick work of Deception in this series. Before The Fame was consistent on both sides of the ball from start to finish.
  • KingsWorld did a great job on both ends of the floor. He was consistently able to stay in front of N8 on the defensive end, and also knocked down his shots when given the opportunity.
  • N8 was able to get open occasionally but ultimately it wasn’t enough. Deception struggled to get stops defensively, forcing the offense to score in the half-court almost exclusively. This led to an overall stagnant offense throughout the series for Deception.

Matchup MVP: Stun (33ppg)

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