HOF Open: Perfect Timing vs. Breakout Gaming Review

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HOF Open: Perfect Timing vs. Breakout Gaming Review

Perfect Timing 

PG: Haad

SG: Jyden

SF: Deedz

PF: DemonJT

C: Ramo


PG: Fab

SG: Dimez

SF: Range

PF: Glo

C: Spartan

Perfect Timing defeats Breakout, 74-64

Keys to the Game 

  • Jyden was able to find success working behind the arc, frequently working the middle and the right wing
  • JT did a solid job on the pick-and-roll, frequently stepping high on Fab’s wing to limit clean three-point looks. JT occasionally had miscommunications with Ramo on rotations, but the defense ended up getting the stops they needed.  
  • Glo played very well throughout this game, picking up a couple of steals in the paint off of plucks. He also did a good job of baiting the pick-and-roll on occasion as well as picking up steals on triangle rotations. 
  • Ramo was able to pick up multiple clutch offensive rebounds throughout the game and he was able to mash down low frequently. 
  • Fab was able to find occasional success working the middle from three but he wasn’t able to get into a consistent rhythm with JT frequently stepping up into the midrange. 

Matchup MVP: Jyden (31ppg-62%)

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